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AT&T is censoring the internet. 
I have a website that I have not been able to access since changing to AT&T U-Verse. I've been a Network Manager for 20+ years and no how to troubleshoot these issues. Doing a tracert under standard settings with AT&T the website name will not resolve. By changing my DNS to Comcast, Sprint, Google Public, or OpenDNS DNS servers, and run the same tracert, the Name resolves fine. AT&T is trying to tell me that this is an issue with browser caching on my computer. They finally escalated it to a higher level support team that I'm not allowed to talk to, but have been waiting for a "call back" for four days now. When I inquired about the delay, I was told it takes time for the "IT Team" to talk with the "IP Guys". I have records of the chats if anyone is interested. I'd post them to a website, but AT&T would more than likely block that too. If I switch my DNS to use Google Public DNS, the name resolves, but the tracert stops at the AT&T servers, the traffic will not go past the AT&T firewall. This issue been completely ignored with every CSR I've talked with. They claim that there is no blocking done by them; however, I have reports from third party servers and tracert information that states differently. At this point I'm considering contacting a lawyer about breach of contract for my service agreement as I did not agree to "censored" access to the internet. I also considering a civil suit for damages to my business as obviously all AT&T internet subscribers are unable to access my site. If you've been considering switching to any service that uses AT&T internet, consider again and choose a different vendor. 
Don't support internet censorship.
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