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AT&T is censoring the Internet.
This is an update to my previous posting.
Background, I have a website I use as I am trying to start my own business. This site is simply informational with one simple contact form. There is nothing malicious or illegal about my site and I have offered the code as proof. My only crime it would seem is trying to use discount and free hosting services as I start my business on a tight budget. Dealing with AT&T support; I have been hung up on, passed to a third-party fee based support service, and had my internet and TV service interrupted coincidentally when ever I give my account info and issue to a service agent. 
Update; after days of being mostly ignored by customer support, they have finally admitted to me that, YES, they do indeed block an entire hosting server IP address because of one “bad” site. So thousands of websites are blocked because AT&T is to lazy to block the one site, and blocks the entire server. Honest people and small business owner websites are blocked, not for anything they did or had any control over; but instead for simply being unfortunate enough to use the same hosting service as someone AT&T has deemed “bad”.
When I inquired if they could provide me a list of “approved” hosting services, I was told to purchase my hosting direct from AT&T to avoid my website from being blocked in the future. So, the only way anyone anywhere can guarantee that their website will be available to anyone using AT&T internet; is to pay AT&T money. That smells of extortion to me. 
I have been trying different services to move my website to and found one that worked. Of course, it only worked for a few hours before that IP was blocked by AT&T network; so I will now try yet again to find another service. I simply refuse to give into blackmail and pay AT&T to host my site so I can avoid this blocking issue.
Send AT&T a message and stop using them for all services until this extortion and censorship stops.
AT&T is censoring the internet. 
I have a website that I have not been able to access since changing to AT&T U-Verse. I've been a Network Manager for 20+ years and no how to troubleshoot these issues. Doing a tracert under standard settings with AT&T the website name will not resolve. By changing my DNS to Comcast, Sprint, Google Public, or OpenDNS DNS servers, and run the same tracert, the Name resolves fine. AT&T is trying to tell me that this is an issue with browser caching on my computer. They finally escalated it to a higher level support team that I'm not allowed to talk to, but have been waiting for a "call back" for four days now. When I inquired about the delay, I was told it takes time for the "IT Team" to talk with the "IP Guys". I have records of the chats if anyone is interested. I'd post them to a website, but AT&T would more than likely block that too. If I switch my DNS to use Google Public DNS, the name resolves, but the tracert stops at the AT&T servers, the traffic will not go past the AT&T firewall. This issue been completely ignored with every CSR I've talked with. They claim that there is no blocking done by them; however, I have reports from third party servers and tracert information that states differently. At this point I'm considering contacting a lawyer about breach of contract for my service agreement as I did not agree to "censored" access to the internet. I also considering a civil suit for damages to my business as obviously all AT&T internet subscribers are unable to access my site. If you've been considering switching to any service that uses AT&T internet, consider again and choose a different vendor. 
Don't support internet censorship.
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