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October 20, 2009
Pirates of the Caribbean dolls by ~noeling. "The suggester said, "I was speechless when I first saw them. They're so full of details and look so similar to the real actors. I really admire the skills of this Artist!" Also suggested by =MimozaBlooming.
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Suggested by Shirabelle
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Pirates of the Caribbean dolls



I have previously created doll repaints of Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner. However, I have always created them at very separate times and have never been physically together as a group. This time, I've decided to create a group of four of the main characters from the movie. Also, the Jack, Will and Elizabeth dolls here are somewhat different from the ones I've created in the past with regards to facial expression hair styling and overall detail. This is the first time I recreate Tia Dalma's likeness in a doll.

As with all my creations, I completely strip the original factory paint on each of the dolls, and completely repaint the facial features in, paying attention to accuracy of likeness and lifelike expressions. They each underwent extensive hair styling as well. The Jack doll features a hand painted tattoo as well as hand crafted authentic hair ornaments. The design on his bandana was also handpainted. Tia Dalma and Jack were both given authentic dreadlocks. It took several weeks to complete this group due to the amount of work involved.
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whitewolfdreamer27's avatar
These look beautiful.  You are extremely talented.  I've been collecting Barbie dolls for years, and these look much better than any retail version of these dolls.  Well done.  Thumbs Up 
ArisaFlamePrincess's avatar
Oh my god I want this Will *_* ! He's so realistic!
Celsy's avatar
WOW!!! I so accurate, they look alive!
tamaradiaz's avatar
awesome custom doll
Alicespirit's avatar
Murasaki-Witch's avatar
OH.MY.GOD. :faint: :faint: :faint: :faint: 
Depressedmuch's avatar
at least they got the face shapes somewhat, kinda close. A shame nothing else could be salvaged, but your work is impeccable.
Hakanlover's avatar
Just amazing. *_*
Art2Key's avatar
If you hadn't wrote in the title that they're dolls I had thought they are the real actors!
trome9412's avatar
What the hell...dude this is amazing. My god...your a god to me! I love you so much :D
Avasariah's avatar
wow! speechless! :#1: :headbang:
Papillon-papalotl's avatar
Will Turner is the same as the movie and not to mention others, I love Tia Dalma's face is so wonderful, definitely better than the original dolls
Mimi-chan17's avatar
this is amazing! you have great skill :)
twilightavatar's avatar
perfect!!!!!!!very nice!!!!!!amazing!!!!!
Black-Rose-Love's avatar
This is truly fantastic work, especially compared to the originals.
rathian619's avatar
omg u made this 1000times better XD
Morrimy's avatar
Goodness, you are truely amazing :O
adventuresgirl's avatar
Were can I buy a doll of pirates of the carabinian?
(Web page)
Answer please
adventuresgirl's avatar
Did you know where I can Buy one?
(web page)
Deterginator's avatar
Before you fixed Will Turner he looked kinda Asian
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