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Once Upon A Time Captain Hook Custom Doll Repaint

NOTE: This doll is currently up for 3-day auction ending Sunday November 22. For more details and complete description on this one of a kind repaint, follow link to eBay auction below:…
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lovely work~! Hook is one of my favorites from OUAT  -  whenever i try to do customized dolls they don't always work out X3  so its lovely to see really good ones such as yours! 

out of curiosity - have you ever made anything for Xena the Warrior Princess or Hercules the Legendary Journeys or Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead?
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nope - its from Once Upon A Time the tv series - the actors real name is Colin O'Donoghue and he plays Killian Jones - Caption Hook ^-^
What-is-worth's avatar
Omg,it was fun!! But You must agree,that they are very like each other... ;)
LuffyNoTomo's avatar
true - they did look similar ^-^
What-is-worth's avatar
Thank You, and its quite strange :O
MikeArtelle's avatar
Very cool costume! Amazing work!
Your repaints are SO Amazing!
Glamour365's avatar
Awesome work, I am amazed by this!
yunnasukiga5's avatar
Were-Wolf-Hell's avatar
Holy damn that sold for a lot of money!
In love at first sight!!!! Heart Love 
He es simply perfect!
hiddenbrokenheart's avatar
Oh sweet heaven! Amazing!
KawaiiEmoCupcake's avatar
I lost my shit. 
Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excited 

So beautiful  
MaxxieJames's avatar
WOW!! this is fantastic!!
Mi-chan785's avatar
Oh. My. God. This is perfect. Like always, but... hnnnnng...! Goddamnit, so handsome!
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trini-raven's avatar
:O my favourite character at the moment... Killian "Hook" Jones. :love:
chichichichipndale's avatar
Is this the part where he starts singing Smells Like Teen Spirit or whatever?

Or am I thinking of the wrong Captain Hook?
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This is the Once Upon A Time version of Captain Hook. You're thinking of Black Beard from Pan.
Mineidys's avatar
OMG! This is P-E-F-E-C-T <3
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