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Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen custom doll

Note: This doll recently soldd on ebay. Go to the link below to view auction and for further description on this deviation.…

I am once again pleased and very excited to share my latest work with all of you. This recreation of Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss has been a challenge but fun at the same time. The sculpt is absolutely spot on which helped greatly in this transformation.
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Dang! So much better than the original doll!

TeamMango's avatar
FanOfNarnia's avatar
wait...the right one is a doll too?!?
sunshineartbyme's avatar
o my gosh i dont know what too say she is soo amazing
so realistic
keep working Noel
Substantia-Nigra's avatar
This is crazy. I barely believe my eyes. 
Utaleasha's avatar
oh gosh. much better
XSiLeNtLy-ScReAmInGX's avatar
That's outrageously epic!
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I love to watch your work. With every piece you show how much love for details, you add to your work. 
It inspires me to be better with my own work. More delicate details to use. Each previously individual work that was created,  to surpass.
Thanks so much for sharing your Art.
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It's actually scary how much it looks like Jennifer! 
Hedwigs-art's avatar
This is like magic. AMAZING!
Briar-Rose322's avatar
That's crazy cool how you did that so well!!!! I wish I could do that!!!
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this is stunning!
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How did you do it? The original doll does not look anything like Katniss; you have performed magic here!Clap 
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I don't even like Hunger Games,but this is amazing! Happy Clap Elsa Clapping 
child-of-aros's avatar
really interesting how you have scaled down the hair to a more natural thickness..
hann-nya's avatar
Woah this is so awesome
seriously they should hire you to design these dolls in the first place
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I can't believe they could even say the first doll was Katniss.... it's the most generic doll face ever. You have made it look phenomenal! :love:
LovablyAwkward's avatar
You did a magnificent job here. Her eyes are so deep, they look so real!
aevrynn's avatar
:happybounce: This is so awesome! Though her neck doesn't work with the realistic head so well...
savrom's avatar
I am really interested in how you do that! I wish I was that talented. Really good :) Me like!
The-Shadowsmiths's avatar
How is this even the same doll!?
MHbilder's avatar
Great and wonderful work
TimBakerFX's avatar
You are no doubt the best at miniature painting I have ever seen, and i've spent years in the film and stop motion animation business....  i've been a fan of your page for a long time, but finally thought I just had to tell you how appreciated your work is.   Keep up the good stuff,  Tim
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