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Doll Repaint Emma Watson Beauty and Beast Belle

NOTE: This doll sold on ebay on January 29, 2017.  Auction link below:…


Custom repaint and hair restyle of Disney Store Belle doll as portrayed by Emma Watson from the upcoming live action film Beauty and the Beast.  BODY HAS BEEN UPGRADED TO A MORE SUITABLY PROPORTIONED ONE, WHICH I FEEL IS MORE TO SCALE WITH THE SIZE OF THE HEAD. I THINK THE ALTERNATE BODY IS MORE VISUALLY SUITABLE FOR THE REPAINT. The inset photo on the top center shows the original Disney Store factory painted doll.

Repaint is a new form of pop art, wherein the doll's face is treated like a three dimensional canvas, with the added challenge of painting within a very small area . Since dolls are basically miniature pieces, brush strokes and shading have to be very controlled and precise.

-- acrylic paint and ultra fine brushes

(Note: I am not in any way affiliated with the Disney Store or any other company)
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Emma doll looks way better than trash doll ( that's the real doll )

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Your repaint version is way better, so realistic and so beautiful💖. Meanwhile the original looks like a hunted doll😂.

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Beautiful work! She looks so realistic :lovely: 
Dipsydino's avatar
I though this was a photo of her XD
LlamLlams's avatar
Thought this was just a photograph of her for several seconds tbh
aftertale2005's avatar
That's AWSOME!!!!!
XerxesSuico's avatar
What? This doll featured maybe like two times or even more
lourhana's avatar
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what the hell this is beautiful
merylove1's avatar
that awesome job!
AngelicCrimsonRose's avatar
Omg I thought that was actually a pic of her at first simply amazing!!!!💖💖
iFoofie's avatar
The original looks like Justin Beiber....

Thank god you made it look a mil times better!
Swizzlez's avatar
Great job on this! he origional looks kind of scary, but this one is really cute! <3
spacenightlytraveler's avatar
This girl is so so average.
ThatOneNerddd's avatar
I fr fr thought this was photoshopped
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wtf the original looks so weird... too bad i cant buy this one XD
ellierodgersgreen's avatar
compared to the doll, this actually does look like Emma Watson.  
CheshireCreepDerp's avatar
I always thought that the original doll looks like a white-girl Obama. You did much better lmao
ellierodgersgreen's avatar
Or Emma Watson combined with rocky Dennis.
barrybrandon's avatar
Unreal, you are the master.
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