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Creating Lindsay Wagner portrait by Noel Cruz



Meeting my childhood idol and inspiration for learning to draw portraits - Lindsay Wagner, the original Bionic Woman

(in this photo)
Drawing Lindsay portrait in 2000, then presenting it to her for her 57th birthday in 2006 in Tampa, Florida. It was an out of body experience meeting her for the first time!
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This just shows the great dedication and beauty of art! All of your works are great quality and show great craftmanship. 
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It's hard to put into words. Just how amazing you truly are. This is wonderful work that you do. It's an honor that you share with us all here, at Deviant Art. Thank you for uploading your work and sharing your storys with us all. May God keep blessing you and your family, ^.^ such a wonderful person you are. Thank you again for sharing with us all ^.^
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Proof that you're talented at any sized canvas.
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wow you're talent is one of a kind
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wow congratulations!
Absolutely gorgeous! :+favlove:
This is an amazing likeness of her!!! Fantastic job :) :D
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wow! my daughter told me about your work. What a talented artist you are and how awesome you got to meet Lindsay! She is my idol too, my youngest daughter is named after her.
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Just beautiful. She must've been thrilled! I bet not as thrilled as you to present it to her though! Wow what a dream come true my friend. My idol is Prince and if I ever presented him with a piece of my art I would just FAINT lol. xxx
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wow... simply amazing!!!!!!
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You are a great artist!
You have such an accurate and faithful eyes - features of the Portet handed just great! :)
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Thank you for this very unique look into your work. Your portfolio is simply stunning.
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I used to watch The Bionic Woman (and the $6M man too) back in the 70's. Yeah, I'm old(er).

Beautiful portrait.
This shows that you have some remarkable patience and effort. :)
I only know her from the Sleep Number bed commercials and doll from Bionic Woman, which i really wanted to repaint as Sleep Number Lindsay... Do you teach classes by any chance? Or know anyone in NYC who does? This is just amazing. Just brilliant. There is no emoticon for this!!!
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Wow ! That must have been a great feeling ! Incredible drawing :)
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Wow! Amazing work!
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