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Cinderella 2015 Lily James doll custom repaint

Note: This custom doll is currently being offered on ebay. 3-day auction ends Sunday April 12th at 6 pm PST. Ebay link is provided below:…?

11 1/2-inch Cinderella doll repaint
custom one-of-a-kind repaint and hair restyle by Noel Cruz

based upon Disney's live action movie

full facial repaint, completely precision hand repainted featuring three dimensional repaint/shading/highlighting on eyes, eyebrows, and lips to faithfully transform the doll into the accurate and life-like likeness of Lily James as Cinderella. Careful attention has been given to replicate the nuances of her features.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Mattel or any other toy company.
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So much better than the original doll!

14iv19's avatar
TheDarkPhoenixQueen's avatar
That is seriously realistic! I'm really awestruck here. 0w0
Jenny1978's avatar
You are truly talented. Your work is so realistic you expect the dolls to come to life. I hope one day I own a piece of your amazing art :)
WarmesHerz's avatar
She looks so real!
Tomaterz's avatar
It almost looks like you Photoshopted a face on it. Amazing  details! ^ ^
CeliaWubberBrush's avatar
Why don't they just let you design the dolls? 
They look so realistic! Heart 
BrandOz's avatar
I knew this doll had to be improved. Its so Beautiful and looks just like her
akiraken's avatar
Incredible work as always.

She is so beautiful.
ccm800's avatar
What kind of paint are you  using?  LOVELY
eXticey's avatar
If I want to be honest here, I think this one failed to capture the realism your other dolls succeed so often to do.

This one is borderline creepy looking to me :P
shadowshamrock's avatar
I don't think this is his best on either. Blanchett and Bonham Carter look better. I don't think this looks like Lily James. The neck of the doll is a little too long too. 
Sunlight-2's avatar
I think you're one of the few that do, I think this is really amazing!
Rynn-Rain's avatar
Probably because it is not painted below the chin? That or the neck is way too long and nothing can be done about it
eXticey's avatar
The face in general just creeps me out: can't wrap my head around it.
dargonpoop's avatar
I'm thinking its just the contrast between it and the rest of the body. the face does look really realistic and amazingly done to me, but the fact that its on a doll body is off-putting i think haha
Crollio's avatar
She looks like Anna Paquin! Nice job
scoobylady's avatar
This is beautiful! :D :clap:
Maritime-Tiger's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had your talent and skills! Your attention to detail is superb. :meow:
TheNotSoSearcher's avatar
LOOK AT THAT! (Sorry for Caps)

Now THAT is what you call quality. If I ever have a daughter or a son that want a doll (I won't judge them), I want it to be of THIS quality.
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