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Alice custom doll repaint by Noel Cruz

This custom repainted doll is now up on ebay for a 3-day auction. Auction ends Wednesday June 15th at 6 pm PST. Please click link below to view the auction:…

Repaint transformation of Disney Store's 12-inch Alice doll to more faithfully replicate Mia Wasikowska's portrayal of the character.

Repaint is a new form of pop art, wherein the doll's face is treated like a three dimensional canvas, with the added challenge of painting within a very small area . Since dolls are basically miniature pieces, brush strokes and shading have to be very controlled and precise as well as carefully paying attention to proper scale.

-- acrylic paint and ultra fine brushes

(Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Disney Store or any other doll or toy company)
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wow! es increible! tienes videos en you tube de como lo haces? amo tu trabajo

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Holy crap this looks like a persoooon
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How much do you charge to repaint the dolls face or buy a repainted one?
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Very nice job.  The eyes and eyebrows look so much more realistic in your repaint.
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Now you need to do Mirana of Marmoreal.
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So real!!! *o* You are a master!!!
Amazing work~ *u*
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This is fantastic! You are very talented indeed.
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love this one... this is why i love these dolls.. the facemoulds are real cool
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Much better. Such an improvement.
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Wonderful job!~ Absolute Alice)
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I was waiting for this one. I thought you'd paint one of her.
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its so real its kinda scaring me
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so real spooky 
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This is probably one of my favorite dolls by you-specially since she has such an; i don't want to say an ODD face, but at the same time I do... ^^; but, idk I guess a different? Kind of face? ^^;

and yet you did her so perfectly. Your work is so amazing. I love seeing your stuff in my inbox :aww:
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I wish i had the money....and the mad hutter...Alice and the Mad hutter...that would be one of the coolest things i would have. Brb guys, trying to get rich! 
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She looks great! You even fixed her hair!
TotallyDeviantLisa's avatar
She's wearing my fave outfit in the movie :)
sunshineartbyme's avatar
The eyes does the trick
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