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Mowgli's Brothers

By NoelDwyer
When I was little, I fell asleep every night to an audiobook cassette tape of the "Jungle Book"--abridged, but only very very slightly. I loved it, and very nearly had it memorized by the end, but I hadn't thought about it in years until a few weeks ago, when I bethought myself to check whether the local libraries had that particular recording.

It's always a bit worrisome going back to something you loved as a kid. Could it really have been that good? Isn't it more likely that hearing it now you'll be embarrassed that you ever liked it?

After some checking, some emails to my dad about who the heck read those talking books of mine anyway, and a wrestling match with a turntable (I haven't figured out yet what inspired the local university to keep most of its sound recordings on vinyl), I found it.

The voice of my childhood was Ian Richardson.

I regret nothing.

(Seriously wonderful recording, and absolutely amazing actor. If you don't mind being utterly creeped out, go rent "House of Cards." Now.)

Anyway, this is for my sister, who (upon hearing about this revelation) requested a picture of Mowgli, and is going to have to be content with the back of his head.

Er... yeah, sorry about that. =9

So this is after the deposition of Akela, when Shere Khan makes his bid for power to his sycophantic wolves, and Bagheera conducts political machinations that never struck me as odd when I was little.

I must have loved this scene, because I suspect that I'd still be able to recite bits of it.

But I'm not going to.
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Very, very detailed scene.:)
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You genius. Thank you for making Mowgli art. It is exactly what I needed. :o