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Sabu Fawx comparison

I've also decided to revamp fawx and sabu's designs, as I felt like they were getting a little old and I want to move on to drawing more traditional-type anatomy for them, rather than the ferret-dragon style I had going on. I especially like fawx's updated form, didn't change much on sabu

Do not reference or copy these characters. 
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Really, really phenomenal work on both designs. Have to love Sabu's pudge. ^_^ There's also something very visually appealing about the subtle red color shifts in Fawx's design, especially on his spikes!
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Thank you so much! ❤️
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I'm going to miss the "ferret" style you had because I personally thought it was a very interesting take on eastern dragons but these look just as nice as their previous designs. You did a really great job on them! And if it's okay with you, may I also please have a link to their character pages to learn more about them? If not though, I understand. ^^

Sorry I don't comment that much, I'm usually rather shy and more of a lurker here but I always do keep a look out for your work. <3
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Sure! I'll note you. and thank you! I'm glad people liked their old designs too - I was attached to them but I like these better for rp purposes because they're a little more serious and less cutesy (I mean Sabu is almost impossible to make not-cutesy but still)

Thank you again, I appreciate the support ❤️totally get the lurker thing myself
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Thank you, that would be great because I've always wanted to learn more about your characters! For some reason, I've always kind of seen Fawx and Jin as the more fierce, serious ones personality wise in all the art I've seen of them. Not to say Sabu can't be fierce too but he always seemed like the more laidback and easygoing type, at least to me but please pardon me if I'm wrong. I personally really like both their old and new designs but yeah, I see what you mean and the changes are totally understandable.

No problem at all hon! I enjoy seeing your artwork and I appreciate you sharing it with all of us! ^^
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No thats entirely true haha! :heart:
I forgot to note, I'm doing that now. 
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Nice feets. Scales look like they took forever to draw in. Overall I'd have to say I'm still a fan of the old designs, but these one are equally rad. Fawx is a fantastic noodle lol. Does Sabu still like blueberries? I remember reading that somewhere on some other drawing/reference of yours probably decades ago.
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Thank you! I mostly just drew in a scale texture then copy pasted it LoL but it still took awhile.

And yes Sabu is the blueberry fiend >3
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I would have given up in like two seconds haha

If memory is still on my side, Fawx had something to do with alcohol/beer/idk and horses right? I don't think I've ever found anything on Mr. dark and grumpy whats-his-face. I completely forgot his name -insert disgruntled 'ugh'- its too early for me to use my brain anyway.
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And yeah! fawx was found and raised by a farmer couple, so he got his start as a stablehand training and mucking horses/etc before becoming a soldier, where he picked up the drinking habit
he pretty much just identifies as completely human and is actually anti-dragon since he comes from a dragon hunting society LOL
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Yeah, Jin! Thats the one haha! Although idk if he is actually grumpy. I just recall him looking like a grumpster in pics you did.

Anti-dragon, eh? Sounds like your kiddo has an interesting story. Would you happen to have anything around where one can read more about all of them? (if that is okay to ask)
.... Also what even is 'mucking horses'?
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cleaning stalls  - and sure! I'll note you a link to my rpr if you'd like to see their character pages :>
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Oh, neato. Thanks!
Some of the layout and stuff there looks rather familiar. I think that's where I originally read the stuff I had read before, probably asked you the same thing a while ago lol
Now is that site where you do all the rp stuff, or do you just pm the person you're doing stuff with? (for curiositys sake, I've always wondered how rping works)
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I usually use discord with my RP friends and just make a separate channel for rp :)
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Pudgy belly is the best thing
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thatsa poofy dergen
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I lov... the fat worm... He's Good
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i love this so much ugh
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Oh goodness Sabu has such a big belly. uwu

Totally would give him all the rubs~
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LOL he's a pudge
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