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January 3, 2007
I love music by ~NoDate What a wonderful executed photograph so crystal clear and sharp and the b/w giving it just that extra touch of class. I can see this being a new bra creation hitting the market real soon lol.
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I love music

i love music))
And you? )))
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chenmoli's avatar
love this very much
cologoboyz's avatar
Racy-Raptor's avatar
mrTroubIe's avatar
ah yes I too love those brea-- i mean beats
MOs-Junk's avatar
I love music too! (In fact, I'm listening to music as I type this comment and browse DA right now)
But I usually put my headphones on my ears, because they don't look that pretty on my chest :D
susannb's avatar
Wonderful picture - I love it!
Crafteri's avatar
Breasts by dre :D
ValeAeternum's avatar
Ink-Heavy's avatar
not sure, likely my tired mind, but i find this image creative yet humorous all at once :thumbsup:
Braja69's avatar
Are those beats by dre?
Ko5micViXen's avatar
Very nice, very clever.
WIDE-OPEN's avatar
LowXice's avatar
great scene... love it!
WildebeestNinetyNine's avatar
thats not how you listen to music.....
Ey112940's avatar
I think you may have put those headphones on incorrectly. :/
darc22005's avatar
I love music too
MARCO-E's avatar
Great concept, photo, composition, light, everything
kingozzo's avatar
Love how i got this when searching "NO"
femmedic's avatar
i love music too *-* i love all kinds of music. AND fantastic work for the picture :D
awsomon's avatar
i'm gonna reply to this with what I looked up to find it; no
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