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Cyber blank?

My best creation ever (I think)

I hope I'm in the right category...What do you Think?

Also, I made this blank using pieces of a motherboard image. Then I made the energy symbol connect out of the yellow border...I MIGHT just MIGHT remake the blanks (as if, but just keep your hopes up anyway, OK?)
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Any plans for Stage 1 or Stage 2 Cyber Pokémon blanks? How about Cyber Energy? Also, this is your best so far.
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I can probably make stage 1 & 2 with a little bit of time
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This is my best.
Mammaluigi banned you then? I bet you thought it would be me.
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No. I can take a screenshot of the page to show you. It was mamma.
Nice. Very nice.
Perhaps you could become a master of Card Faking, as opposed to Card Generating.
This card reminds me of my MissingNo, however. Exactly the same motherboard 0.0
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hmmm.... I can't generate anyway. I'm currently working on a set at Arceus500's forums. You shopuld check it out. I haven't uploaded anything yet, nor worked out each pokemon, but I've got a set symbol and I've made gyarados Lv.X and Tyranitar Lv.X
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Little present: [link]

Do you by any chance have a PSD for this? It's the sort of thing I'd love to play around with :D
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Sorry, I don't. And I don't know how to upload PSD files anyway. But hanks FC your da best.
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When you go to submit a deviation, just pick a .PSD file and choose it. I'll then ask for a preview file that has to be a JPG or PNG :D
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Oh ok, cool thanks mate.
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hey I have paint...
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Well, You have paint. Simple.
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I can see you like it. You propably don't have photoshop (so the cleared one would be useless to you.)

however, just ask and youll get this blank ^_^

Actually I made the energy symbol on MS paint. lol.

I'm uploading blank thing in a second. Credit to :iconcascadegonpory: for the yellow border, the inside pokemon image box and some other stuff

DO NOT REMOVE CREDT ON DIS CARD. but feel free to use it.
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Want it or not?
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yes but not now
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K...I'll give it to ya when you get photoshop or something.
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