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Balloonicorn at Sakura-Con

Sat Mar 23, 2013, 2:07 PM
I will be there!! If you haven't heard, I will be cosplaying Pyro and will mostly be in character the whole time! I hope this cough goes away by then... Cosplay for Friday and Sunday is mostly complete, just need to iron on the patches for my Pyro costume and it's golden. I won't be lugging around an oxygen tank on my back so instead I'm using my Pyro plush doll as a substitute... a very adorable substitute. I'm deflating my balloonicorn so I can carry it around easier to the hotel room, so I need to buy some cheapo air pump from the Dolla Tree. If you're going to Sakura-Con and are cosplaying, would you like to take a photo with my Balloonicorn?

Saturday is my Secret Cosplay day I believe, only two-three people know what it is. The outfit was pretty easy to put together, I just needed to get a few modifications.

My sister's outfit is turning out so adorable for Sakura-con, so colorful!! She's been working hard on all the necklaces and bracelets to go with it.

I also need to get a portfolio of art to commission artists at the convention which I can hand out to them just in case they don't have time to finish it, and I'll even add my name and stuff on them for easier contact info. As much as it was convenient to use my card at Comic-Con, I'd like to make sure I'm not spending too much money (and refrain from eating up the bandwidth..). Paying my first ever indie worker taxes are coming soon so haha that'll be funnnnn~

I wonder if I should save up in the future for a table at Sakura-con next year. Maybe turn my life around a little more, start working on my comics and projects again, update my site...

Speaking of which, at comic-con I bought real screentones!!!! I was so pumped to get them, and was surprised to see them in person! I bought 10 of them I think hahaha. Not only that but I bought comicking paper, drafting pencils, ink and manga pen nibs so I can try and do things traditionally now. The freaking feather duster to remove eraser dust cost $20!!!! Freaking outrageous crap right there DELETER.

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March 23, 2013