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I already made an info sheet for it, but I'm just transcribing it here as well.
I'm offering digital art commissions for personal use.

Info sheet:

Samples and terms:

Flats (clean lines, colour) start at $35 USD.

Web Scherzo Widowking by nocturnenebula   

(lineart, shading, effects) start at $50 USD.

Fees: $10 fullbody, $15 per additional character, $25-50 backgrounds

I will draw anything (fan art, furry, lgbt, ocs, etc) except NSFW/porn or stuff that I don’t fancy. If you don’t know, just ask. My full terms is here.  I don’t work for free, no lowballing blah blah blah…

Payment is required upfront unless discussed beforehand. You will receive an invoice once payment has been agreed upon.

To commission me, send an email to titled “Commission” with references on hand; text-based references are subject to higher fees.

December 7
December 14
December 21


Mon Jan 16, 2017, 6:03 AM
f7FFRT7 by nocturnenebula

Submission Policy Explained

Mon Nov 14, 2016, 6:26 PM
Here we go again, that one post on tumblr is circulating en masse for some reason so I'd like to explain the Submission Policy by each section. I'll make an infograph if I have to eventually. IANAL so feel free to correct me if I make mistakesWhy are these terms so boring and hard to read? 1) It was usually written by a lawyer who is usually well-versed in the complexities of copyright law, 2) To protect deviantart's rights along with your rights upon joining this website.  

Here is deviantART's official response:…
Here are more explanations: 

Submission Policy (open to compare it side-by-side)


TL;DR You retain all rights to the works that YOU own and have created. DeviantART is allowed to display them on their website through this policy, they cannot sell your works to a third party or through their own channels unless you gave them your written consent. Also, DeviantART cannot be held responsible if your work is being sold without your consent.

DeviantART is a website they own the rights to, and which through this agreement they will allow you to upload your work onto here under certain conditions (just like every other website). They can generate thumbnails of your work, allow the circulation of your work throughout their site and have it FEATURED on their website. By uploading to deviantART you can allow third-party sharing tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to share your work onto those websites (or remove that right)

1. Term.
The moment you upload your work onto deviantART, the submission policy applies to your account. When you close your account or remove a work from the site, the submission policy no longer applies to that work or you.

2. Ownership.
YOU retain all rights to your uploaded works on deviantART. DeviantART can use your work for functional usage on their website, but you alone still own the work.

3. License to Use Artist Materials.
You allow deviantART to publish your works onto their website and they allow you to use their technologies that let you further edit the work.

In order for your work to be seen on deviantART, the website has to spit out a copy of the work, a thumbnail generated from that work, generated links to that work (:thumb:, sharing options,, etc.), an RSS feed, metadata, the information fields you filled out along with being able to edit the image size or other foreseeable features. Your work will be seen by other users/entitites who can then share your work on the website itself or across third-party platforms (reddit, twitter, tumblr, etc.) should you choose to allow this.

DeviantART can sublicense this submission policy agreement in order to promote your work. Your work can also be featured on their website by deviantART's staff or the userbase, either as a daily deviation, a promotional feature in a contest hosted by a third party platform (e.g. Disney), a promotional article or some other means of featuring your work through their website. DeviantART can also share your work through other advertisers or platforms where they may have a presence (e.g. Official Facebook Page, tumblr, etc).

4. Name and Likeness.
DeviantART can advertise your work or feature your work but they can't release any personal information other than what is publicly displayed on your user profile.

5. Limitation of Rights.


6. Payment.
DeviantART doesn't have to pay you royalties for displaying your work.

7. Representations and Warranties.
Don't impersonate another artist and only upload works where you own the rights to publish it onto online communities. Don't break any laws, don't upload harmful works (e.g. viruses, hate speech, etc) or pornographic (child or adult) works. If you're a minor, a guardian must act on your behalf until you are old enough to run the account on your own. 

8. Third Party Payments.
You are responsible for paying for third-party works used in your own work.

9. Indemnity.
DeviantART cannot be held responsible (sued) for things that they cannot control such as someone taking your art and selling it on a t-shirt. 

10. DeviantART's Performance.
DeviantART does not control your work and you are responsible for what you put on their website. Sometimes there will be a bug or glitch that inhibits your ability to use the website, or their website may go down that could end up with your work being lost. In other words, it's your responsibility to have a personal backup ready should this problem ever occur.

11. No Warranty.

12. No Liability for Third Party Use.

13. Exclusion of Damages.

14. Copyright and Trademark Uses.
Don't use DeviantART's logo or mascot without prior consent, same goes for using logos, trademarks or other intellectual property from third-party advertisers/platforms/providers.

15. Miscellaneous.
Governing Law; Jursidiction. DeviantART operates within the United States by the laws of the state of California. Should a dispute ever occur between you and DeviantART, jurisdiction from their side will reside within California. 

Assignment. Only deviantART can assign this agreement, not you or someone else unless you have deviantART's written consent.

Notice. You must send notices to DeviantART in writing only and must be sent to their legal department address.

Entire Agreement. This agreement is meant to spell out all points of the agreement upon submitting your works onto their website.

Modification. DeviantART can alter the agreement and will notify any changes made via email. If you don't agree with the changes then you gotta go.

Survival. In order to withdraw your works from deviantART's policy, you have to remove them completely from their website.

I just upload my stuff onto here for portfolio stuff, nothing else. 
Follow me here:


Sat Aug 27, 2016, 3:52 AM

Goodnight the webcomic will be returning in September, no set date at the moment but will be notified 3 days in advance. Mnemoria is still on hiatus to rework the story, no further information can be revealed other than no changes in the first chapters.

A one-shot comic called Dancer in the Dark will be released after August 29th, but no set date is given. Follow updates on my tumblr, tapastic, or twitter.


Mon Aug 1, 2016, 1:24 AM


Fri May 20, 2016, 6:52 PM
Wip-cesare by nocturnenebula
Cesare belongs to winterywitch on tumblr
Uh Oh Redo - Wip by nocturnenebula
Remake of

Wip-goodnight by nocturnenebula
Greyscale Portrait of Stefan.

Life Updates

Thu May 12, 2016, 4:19 AM
If you haven't noticed, I'm 89% on tumblr nowadays. You can follow my tumblr here:

Good news and bad news:

Good news is I'm going to be studying abroad in Japan for three weeks for a summer course. Bad news is that I recently lost my job.

It would be great if I could get a part-time job but unfortunately my class workloads are too heavy especially since I'm learning another language. At least there will be a little fun over the summer, instead of wallowing in misery at home I'll be wallowing in misery in Japan. 

But anyways, my commissions are open still, I'm extending the amount of slots I can take at a time since I need the money since I owe the IRS (welcome to being self-employed) again and I have to save up for my study abroad expenses. 

Want to do an art trade? Friends and mutual followers only (we both follow each other). Anything goes as long as it's SFW, but I usually won't go first.

Commissions are also open, you can check them out here:…

Got a tumblr?
You can reblog a post about it here:…

20k Kiriban - Caught!

Sun Jan 31, 2016, 7:33 AM

:happybounce:  Caught by :iconekian: :happybounce:…

20,000 Kiriban

Wed Nov 25, 2015, 7:49 PM
Commissions are open now, only three slots available at this time.
See here: Commissions (open)

This journal is a duplicate from Kiriban: 20,000

Catch my 20,000th pageview and get a free drawing request like the images below. How do I take a screenshot?


Rules are:
  • Only watchers can participate (you can join in any time)
  • Send me a note or comment on this journal with a full screenshot.
  • Don't crop the screenshot.

Good luck! :happybounce: 

10 Facts About Me

Tue Oct 27, 2015, 8:01 PM

Tagged by my friend chinara~ Unfortunately all my friends and acquaintances are mostly on tumblr now, so I'm gonna have to skip the tagging thing, sorry! CURSE YOU! Buttt for anyone reading this, I'll let you post your answers to some questions I'll leave below!

The Rules:
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal.
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-backs.
7. You can't say that you don't do tags.
8. You MUST make up journal entry.

10 Facts About Myself

  1. The ring finger on my right hand is double-jointed.
  2. I (apparently) have a lisp when I speak Japanese.
  3. I have never finished the storyline mode of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  4. I have over 200 Iwako erasers.
  5. I play PC games with an X-Box 360 Controller only because I mod the shit out of everything.
  6. I am graduating a year earlier than the predicted class standing.
  7. I go to a school that has no grades with which a lot of Freshmen end up dropping out because they think we don't have to do homework.
  8. I'm ambidextrous with everything but drawing and writing.
  9. I have never left the country.
  10. I have perfect colour acuity.

chinara's 10 Questions

1. Why did you become what you are?
By not studying what I was supposed to and studying what I wanted to I became what I am today.

2. If the world was your canvas, what kind of society would you make it be?
If we're going with art thematics I'd make society impressionistic. You can interpret that as you will.

3. You have the ability to make anyone's wishes true, just not your own. However, every time you do, your life shortens the bigger the wish. Would you still do it out of altruism?
I would wish that people's lives would improve, not exactly get better or be perfect but liveable. I'd still do it even if my life is shortened because the wish would have a loophole one way or another.

4. You are standing in front of the door that leads to your dream being realized. What do you expect to see behind it?

5. It is the last five minutes of your life, and you can only wish for one person to be with you. Assuming that all your friends and your family are still alive, who would you give those last five minutes to, and why?
I would wish for the person who screwed up my life in junior high through high school just so I would die fighting.

6. You receive a vial that can make any wish of yours come true. However, if you use it, something of equal value will disappear. Would you still use it, and if yes, what for?
I have a feeling that this kind of wish is eventually going to come true, mostly because of the time it will take me to attain this wish through conventional means, so I would not use the wish since I know it will happen inevitably, and I would rather let time do its talking than to force it.

7. Seven types of tea are before you, each representing one of the seven virtues. You have to drink one, but once you do, you will lose that virtue forever. Which would you choose?
Well, it depends on what virtues we're talking about. If we're talking about the seven Christian virtues, I would drink humility more or less because I don't have too much pride in myself to begin with, just tons of arrogance.

8. You have one chance. What do you use it for?
To pass go and collect $200.

9. Assuming you had 1 billion dollars at your disposal, what would you spend it on?
Well after paying off my tuition I'd use the $20 left over to buy a case of root beer and maybe a new pencil. Or I'd invest in space travel.

10. Which movie/TV series/Game/Book universe would you want to make reality?
Probably Tomorrowland or anything that involves exploring space because I am too impatient to wait for that reality at the moment.

And now 10 questions for readers...

  1. If a well-disguised alien came down to earth and started walking around your town how long would it take you to notice?
  2. What is today but yesterday's tomorrow?
  3. Who would you rather fight, Agent Mulder or Agent Skully?
  4. You are given the choice to instantly know any two languages but at the cost of the one you currently speak. What two languages would you choose?
  5. You have the choice to extend any holiday regardless of it's a non-working holiday. What holiday would you choose?
  6. Which would you rather fight, 100 Slendermen or 100 Jeff the Killers?
  7. How many crayons would it take to get to the moon?
  8. If you could time travel to any point of time, would you wear shoes or go barefoot?
  9. What would you do with a wad of gum in your hand?
  10. If you could make any useless item free, what would it be?

Kiriban: 20,000

Sat Sep 5, 2015, 6:20 AM
Catch my 20,000th pageview and get a free drawing request like the images below.  How do I take a screenshot?


Rules are:
  • Only watchers can participate.
  • Send me a note or comment on this journal with a full screenshot.
  • Don't crop the screenshot.

Good luck! :happybounce: 

DeviantArtist Questionairre

Sat Aug 8, 2015, 4:33 AM

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Since 2005-06ish. I was under a different username for a very long time until I switched to this account. 

2. What does your username mean?
It doesn't have a real meaning, it's literally the name of one of my favourite piano pieces I found on newgrounds. 

But I guess it's because I really love night-themed music or "melancholy" stuff, as well as nebulas and galaxies that I decided to use that as my username.

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Need more coffee.

4. Are you left or right handed?

5. What was your first deviation?
Dj By Cj by nocturnenebula

This is the only first one I could find.

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
Comics, cartoonish art. Heavily inspired by manga.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Oyasumi-punpun-2117909 by nocturnenebula

009 by nocturnenebula

Inio Asano
is the first person that came to mind. I want to eventually be able to draw like them especially with their backgrounds and how they tone/colour panels. I still have a long way to go.

8. What was your first favourite?

I used to read a lot of Tenchi Muyo (any series) when I was little, along with Sailor Moon (who didn't), and I was inspired by a lot of anime that I saw on Toonami. Another favourite was Bob Rafei, the former art director for Naughty Dog when they were still making Jak and Daxter. That was all I drew in the very beginning.

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Anime and manga art, a lot of abstract monster paintings.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I don't have one.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
I think it would be my friends mostly, mainly chinara or DreamsicleTM and some others. I've seen yuumei and shilin offline at local conventions but I'm more content meeting deviantART artists by chance, not with intent.

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
In a lot of ways positive, I've made really good friends with them for a long time no matter the hardships. I'm also still alive because of a lot of them.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
I use digital software such as Paint Tool SAI and Clip Studio Paint along with my Cintiq 13HD (which I'm still trying to get used to). When I'm away from the computer, I prefer a mechanical pencil and some Sakura pens and when I'm making comics traditionally I use DELETER manga tools.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Coffee shops, the basement of my school's library, and my family's dining room.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
I don't have one?


Tagged by :iconchinara:!

1.) Real Name: Police 

2.) Nicknames: Fey, noct (as in nocturnenebula)

3.) Zodiac Sign: Cancer

4.) Male or Female: Balsa Wood

5.) Nursery: No.

6.) Primary School: Yep.

7.) Secondary School: Yep
8.) Hair Color: Dark brown.

9.) Long or Short: Short.

10.) Loud or Quiet: Depends if I'm around strangers or not.

11.) Sweats or Jeans: Sweaty jeans

12. Phone or Camera: Phone

13.) Health Freak: I am a beacon of sin.

14.) Drink or Smoke: no.

15.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: no

16.) Political orientation: I didn't come to deviantART for politics.

17.) Piercings: No.

18.) Tattoos: Not for me.



19.) Airplane: No.

20.) Car *Accident*: Yes. 

21.) Fist Fight: Unfortunately.



22.) First piercing: 6 years old (it's gone now)

23.) First Best Friend(s): Traumatizing.

24.) First Instrument played: Piano

25.) First award: Art Recognition Reward (primary)

26.) First Crush: Never really had one.

27.) First Language: English

28.) First Big Vacation:  Disneyland. Never again.


29.) Last Person you talked to: curiouskeys and chinara

30.) Last Person You Texted: Colleague.

31.) Last Person You Watched: shilin's art stream

32.) Last Food You Ate: wheat crackers with a cheese log

32.) Last Movie You Watched: The Martian

34.) Last Song You listened to: "Cry of Achilles" by Alter Bridge

35.) Last Thing You Bought: Iced coffee from Starbucks

36.) Last Person You Hugged: Family.


37.) Food: Anything bread-related.

38.) Drinks: iced coffee

39.) Clothing: swag.

40.) Book: "Snow Country" by Yasunari Kawabata

41.) Color(s): Black, blue, brown, or muted tones.

42.) Flower: Hyacinths

43.) Music: anything ambient at the moment.

44.) Movie: Pacific Rim

46.) Subjects: Art History, Comics


47.) [] Kissed in the rain

48.) [X] Celebrated Halloween.

49.) [X] Had Your Heart Broken

50.) [] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone

51.) [X] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation.

52.) [X] Used a Weapon 

53.) [] Breathed fire  

54.) [] Had an Abortion. 

55.) [X] Done something you've Regretted  

56.) [X] Broke a Promise 

57.) [X] Kept a Secret 

58.) [X] Pretended To Be Happy () 

59.) [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life

60.) [] Pretended To Be Sick 

61.) [] Left The Country  

62.) [X] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.

63.) [X] Cried Over The Silliest Thing 

64.) [] Ran a Mile

65.) [] Went To the Beach

66.) [X] Stayed Single 




67.) Eating: Nothing. 
68) Drinking: 

69.) Getting Ready To: Work.

70.) Listening To: "The Rag-Time Dance" by Scott Joplin

71.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Get over illness, cram for Japanese exam.

72.) Waiting For: the next two weeks to be over without dying.


73.) Want Kids: Nope.

74.) Want To Get Married: Nope.

75.) Careers in minds: Something that will provide basic living income with enough time to myself.



76.) Lips or Eyes: Both.

77.) Shorter or Taller: Either.
78.) Romantic or Spontaneous: Either.

79.) Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: Anyone.

80.) Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive but that's because of my zodiac.

81.) Hook-up Or Relationship: Nah.

82.) Troublemaker or Hesitant: Either.



83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: Every morning.

84.) Ran Away From Home: Pretended to.

85.) Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: Yep.

86.) Killed Somebody: Unintentionally.

87.) Broken Someone's Heart: Maybe.

88.) Been Arrested: Almost.



90.) Yourself: At this point I got nothing to lose.

91.) Miracles: I love that song.

92.) Love at First Sight: Not necessarily but it exists for some people.

93.) Heaven: I love food, yeah

94.) Santa Claus: Nah, Krampus is the way to go.

96.) Magic: Nah.


97.) Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: No.

98.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are, In Life: No.

99.) Are You Happy With The Person You're With: I'm content being alone.

[Video] Comic Page Time Lapse!

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 2:14 PM
REMINDER: Catch my 20k kiriban for a free drawing request!

Hey there, happy new years for those who live on the other side of the world! I've made a time lapse video of how I make my comic pages here:

Someone name Nick commissioned me at Sakura-Con on Saturday but they never picked it up. I understand if you had to leave early but I don’t want your money to go to waste.

You were with a group of friends and one of them commissioned me named HANNAH, they were wearing a striped blue collared shirt. You were tall, thin, had short brown-blond hair, wore glasses, a black collared jacket, a Minecraft shirt parodying the three wolf moon replacing them with creepers, and you wore blue jeans. You bought a sword prop of some kind. I have a photo but I won’t release it online so please ask if this sounds like someone you know.

You commissioned Fey Xiang at Small Press Booth #09 in the Exhibitor Hall, so please contact me as soon as possible so I can mail you your commission.

Coding by SimplySilent

Sakura-Con: SP09

Mon Mar 16, 2015, 2:19 AM by nocturnenebula:iconnocturnenebula:
Feel free to drop by and say hello!
I'll be selling mostly original art prints but also some fan art~

Booth by nocturnenebula

Coding by SimplySilent
Unwillingly becomes a Classics major. Fuck.

I know too much about Hera, the triple-goddesses, how Medusa was not some misunderstood creature (why does Athena wear her head on her shield if she was protecting her?) and why Paris was set up. Someone please help me.

Coding by SimplySilent
This is a repost, original is here. Links may have been broken because she deleted her tumblr.
Frostbitch goes by many user handles: zhaur, frostbitch, saladsnack, more listed here.

It’s taken me a while to gather up the courage to post this but since others have come out with their stories about this person, I’m going to post mine too. Those looking to commission artists on tumblr, please avoid frostbitch, currently going by saladsnack.

She has gone by many other usernames which can be found here. There are several others who have already provided their testimonials about her scamming and abusing her friends. She, on the other hand, has only provided a wall of text.

Back in February frostbitch was offering to do $20/hr commissions. My budget was $180 plus a $20 tip. I don’t have any chatlogs from this since it’s too far back now, but I do have the paypal transactions:

There is also the email I sent to her the day after for the commission details. I recently shifted my URL from "anhonorabledemon" to my personal blog, if you’re wondering why the name is different. As you can see, after I sent the $180, they asked me several hours later for the tip. I normally don’t do this but I believed their story about going through a lot of hardships.

Here are the related posts, note the dates:

If they’re deleted, I took screencaps: 

I don’t remember what was said before this exchange but she asked me to send the details to her email. Which is strange because I already did back in February, and she told me to use a different email this time. I don’t know what was up with this, it’s not that hard so search my email or my commission, or y’know my payment to her.

Something that set up some red flags was around when I asked if she was all right since apparently someone issued a chargeback against her with commission stuff, so she opened up commissions again. Now that I think about it, if that happened how come she had $8000 to spare (x)? And $3000 bedsheets (x)? And it was the same excuse about not wanting to dip into her savings.

I gave her time and space because this was around the time period I remember her being hospitalized. I didn’t ask her about my commission again until June. And then August. I know I should have just taken the refund when I could even though judging from what others have said she wouldn’t have been able to.

It was also in August that she tried to ask me to do a commission for her. Around the time when I said I could do a sketch, she told me she "gets paid in a few days". I lost track about it afterwards but she never mentioned this commission again and honestly I didn’t want to since I heard, once again, more financial troubles. I didn’t want to push her my commission she owed me until September rolled in.

In September I mentioned the commission she owed me again. She forgot about a $200 commission. I gave her emails, monthly reminders, it can be checked in her paypal history. I know I was being too meek and too generous, but honestly I believed her stories because I could relate to them.

It was in October that I tried to push things more. I even made negotiations so she wouldn’t have to give back the full amount because I still believed the story about her meds/groceries/not wanting to dip into her savings (but that $15,000 vibrator was always in the back of my mind since y’know, that number is my entire annual income). I even changed who I wanted to be drawn just so it would better tailor to her interests. She told me about how her tablet was being weird and couldn’t get to it right away. There were several posts I saw on tumblr about this as well (check her archive for october). I already felt terrible enough that I’m pestering her about my commission even at the time her tablet was busted

But it’s been nine months since I saw any kind of progress and I know I should have said something way earlier, and that I put too much trust and faith into people. To be honest this is still a lot for me to take in since they personally have not caused any harm or abuse towards me, and have been kind, and the only thing was that they made me more anxious and (now) less trusting of others.

They’ve made a post response about being called out, and included their new email into it but I’m not going to bother trying to contact her anymore about my commission, I’m absolutely done and I know I’m never going to get a refund from her or paypal since it’s past the 45-90 day window and it wasn’t with my bank balance.

So please, do yourself a favour and avoid frostbitch at all costs until she decides to get her act together. Or idk, when they get back from jail.

Coding by SimplySilent