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Hey guys! So, I have had this account for nearly 9 years, and back when I first joined, I sucked so much LOL I think it's time to get a brand new dA page for myself, and I have been meaning to do this for quite a while now! I will be deleting everything from here and moving to that account!

Please go follow sonatine-artsu C:

Also, I have an instagram now where I will also provide wips of my works!

Thank you and have a lovely day!
Käsvallis are a closed species, which means you cannot make your own, sorry ; h ;

Kasvalli Reference Sheet (closed species) by soo-adopts


Käsvalli are docile creatures that can be found in high places closer to the sky, such as mountains. Due to the low temperature, they prefer living in groups and sleeping together.


- All Käsvallis show a pair of big wings on their back, used for flying; one wing right above their ear; one pair of wings on the tip of their tail.
-- Back wings may vary in size, but they are always big enough to support their weight for flying
- Ears are always floppy and pointing downwards, and may vary in length. Some can go all way down to the ground.
- They all have crystals on their bodies that store a high amount of positive energy. These crystals are used to heal other living beings.
- Mutations may result in a third tail or bigger crystals.
- Females are identical to males (except for reproductive organs) and don't have any mammary glands.
- Adults can reach 3'00" max.


Käsvallis are strictly herbivorous, feeding mostly on fruits such as berries.


They can live up to 300 years.


Käsvallis present both paternal and maternal care. Babies feed on berries, since females have no mammary glands.
Lusterkanis are a closed species, please do not make your own!

Lusterkani Reference Sheet (closed species) by soo-adopts


Lusterkanis are small animals said to be born from stars, not having a specific sex. Their life purpose is to help humans by appearing in their dreams. They do exist in the real world, but prefer coming to aid while the person is asleep. The mark on their forehead expands to a mirror through which people are capable to see the best in them. After that and outside the dream, a tear emerges from their lacrimal punctum turning into a small gem/amulet right after. This amulet serves as a lucky charm for the person using it. Lusterkanis may or may not get attached to a specific human being; but regardless they tend to help as many people as they can. 


  • Traits found in Lusterkanis are long ears, a small mark on their forehead, a pair of wings and fur in shape of spirals, reminding of clouds.
    • Ears = Usually 2 pairs of ears; some may have up to 3 pairs. 
    • Wings = Size and place vary from one individual to another. 
  • Though wings exist for aesthetic purpose only, all Lusterkanis are capable of fluctuating in the air, despite their weight. 
  • They all have a big lacrimal punctum.
  • Lusterkanis have large hearts, thus their ribcage is slightly bigger in comparison to their size.
  • The fur on their neck extends down ventrally in order to protect their ribcage.
  • Their long ears help them hearing and locating people's weepings, being very sensitive to sounds.
  • Baby lusterkanis start helping children first, and, as they grow older, they can move on in order to help adults. 
  • Adults usually height 11.8" 


Lusterkanis do not eat. They most likely receive energy from the stars they were born from.


The lifespan of a Lusterkani will depend on how successful it is in helping people. The more they help, the more they live. If they fail their mission, they simple go back to being stars. 


Lusterkanis do not reproduce.

Informations are subjected to change x)

Akuntieurs are a closed species, please do not make your own!


Akuntieurs are unsociable creatures who mostly live in the dark by themselves. Though most of this species prefer to live alone in caves, far from any kind of living being, there are those who enjoy forming groups or finding a partner. They do not possess any kind of special power.


  • Noticeable traits include a rather long arm and horns of different shapes and sizes. There may be variations regarding number/shape/size of horns and tail, wing size, claw length and ear shape.
    • Horns = up to 3 horns, though most common akuntieurs have 2.
    • Tail = no limit as to how many tails an akuntieur may have. Mutations can occur in a way that they end up being merged all in one, with some reminiscent left.
  • Akuntieurs with big wings are capable of flying (though rarer), while the small ones exist only for adornment purposes. Depending on the shape of their horns, they can use it as a defensive feature.
  • Their tail(s) includes a rather thin sting at the end of it which is rather poisonous, becoming deadly if not treated urgently.
  • Females tend to have longer ears and they usually have less and smaller horns than males. Arms are slightly slimmer as well and body is curvier. 
  • Baby akuntieurs have noticeable longer arms and legs compared to the rest of their bodies. 
  • Adults range from 5’3” to 6’7”.


Akuntieurs are omnivores creatures, meaning some can survive by eating plants while others prefer to feast on other animals. 


They can live up to 130 years, but usually only reproduce once during their life cycle. After that, it is then common for akuntieurs to either live alone or search for a group/same sex partner.


Akuntieurs do display parental care; in this case, usually maternal. After breeding, the male simply leaves the female to take care of the progeny. They have a maximum of 2 offsprings. There are rare times when both parents actually take care of the progeny together, parting only after the child is able to take care of itself.

Informations are subjected to change x)


LINKS: deviantART | tumblr  | furaffinity 

Thank you for your support c:

Buttercorns are a mix between butterflies and unicorns. They have wings instead of ears and the tips of their tails are constantly creating sparkly butterflies. 

The tail itself is divided in three parts. The main one, responsible for releasing the butterflies, which is also fluffy; and two flat curly ones. Buttercorns always have a horn in the middle of their forehead, and it may vary in length. Hooves take place instead of fingers on their feet.

They have genders and can also vary in height, being usually found in mountains and high places near lakes and/or rivers. Maximum height is usually 5'2", but some might grow taller.

Personality wise, most of the time they are pretty calm creatures which tend to spread happiness around them. During the night, they sparkle a lot, making their home become a big shiny ball. They are also pretty social species; which means they often help each other and enjoy living as a group.


Traits that may vary: tail length, horn length, height, ear size, quantity of butterflies created, colors overall


Might be adding more stuff laterzz


Buttercorns are a closed species. Please do not make your own!

Buying an Adoptable

Set Prices. The amount shown in the description is the set price of the adoptable. It's a first come, first serve basis. Whoever claims it (and makes the payment in the due time), takes it. Please claim your adoptable in the comment boxes I will add ("BUY HERE NUMBER #O1, #O2, etc").

Auctions. Please bid (=reply) on my comments which state "BID HERE FOR NUMBER #O1, #O2, #O3, and so on" with your offer. Auctions will include a SB (=starting bid) as well as an AB (=autobuy). An auction may end due to its deadline or if someone ABs it (which means they purchase the adoptable instantly without the chance of being outbid). 

Snipe Guards (for auctions only). If someone bids in the last 30 minutes before the auction ends, I will extend it for 1 hour after the last bid, until there are no more bids.

Important. When claiming and/or buying, please have the money with you. Do not bid an amount higher than what you can pay for and do not retract bids. If you are unsure of whether you will be able to pay for it or not, just don't bid, please! 

Payment. I accept USD only and payments should be done through PayPal. After winning an auction and/or claiming an adoptable, you must pay within 24-48 hours, else the adoptable will go back to sale and/or auction.

No refunds. Please think carefully before bidding/claiming.

Receiving your adoptable.
After I receive your payment, I'll note you with your original file (bigger version, transparent bg, no watermark) and you are ready to go with your new adoptable!

By purchasing your adoptable, you agree with the following:

  • Do not copy/trace/steal my art.

  • Do not claim the art and/or the design as your own. If reposting, please credit me for the design and/or for the species if they are closed ones.

  • You are allowed to trade/gift your adoptable, but please, do let me know who the new owner is so I can keep track and avoid any confusions. 

  • If the design was gifted to you, re-gift it only

  • If you traded for your design, you are allowed to trade/gift it as well. Please do not sell it.

  • You are allowed to sell your adoptable, as long as you sell it for the same amount or less than what you spent on it, unless you have commissioned extra art. Please, do notify me of the new owner as well.

  • You are allowed to slightly tweak the design and/or colors. Please do not change the whole design and claim it as your own.

  • Avoid reposting your adoptable without watermark, or you will be making it easy for people to steal the adopt from you.

  • You are free to choose the gender/name/personality of your adoptable! Please take good care of it (:

If you fail to abide to any of these rules, I hold the right to blacklist you. I'll keep a personal blacklist with me to avoid future issues.

Closed Species

Any species up for auction/sale belong to me (which basically means only I can draw them), so I kindly ask you not to steal them or create your own. While I do understand people might have similar ideas, there is still a difference between thinking alike and ripping someone's design off. As much as I respect everyone's creation, I would like you to respect mine and not copy it. Thank you (: