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omfg moar eggies

One week at school I was working in the kitchen, and seeing a carton of eggs, I just couldn't resist the urge to draw on them...
So I asked :iconyuuleeaye: if she had a marker. She didn't have one, but we started searching around, asking random people, and eventually got to borrow a waterproof marker. And off to the kitchen we ran, and started drawing on the eggs, me and Julie. Most of them are mine and some of them are hers.
We had a lot of fun drawing on them. I feared though, that the next morning the kitchen ladies would be mad at me, but instead they came over to me, laughing, saying they thought the egg thing was funny. The reason they knew it was me was that I left a note, saying that the eggs weren't ruined because of the marker, that they could still be eaten and stuff, and in closing I wrote something like "hope you won't be mad, it was meant to be funny" and then my name ... XD

Hope you like them, too ;D

photo: Elise M.S. / nocturnalmoth
egg art: Nocturnalmoth and yuuleeaye
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Nov 4, 2009, 7:15:19 PM
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FriendRain's avatar
That one with the razor sharp teeth is a bit worrying, even though that gave me the giggles. Very cool.
StephenRevilla57's avatar
This remind me as a childhood days ♡^▽^♡
FriskFrick's avatar
Now, this is a good egg picture. 
Not them being murdered or anything just plain safe funny eggs...
I'm bored of this picture now... I should stop staring.
ScottishJay's avatar
Absolutely love this!
Would I be allowed to feature this on my blog, ?  Link back and credit would be provided! :) (Smile) 
MisterManGuyOfStuff's avatar
You're kidding, right?
kiwikikiBOA1's avatar
*u ready to die*
Make-It-Like-Kate's avatar
Tag yourself

I'm second row second from the left :3
ITooYoungToDraw's avatar
Second row second one is so cute 💖💖💖💖💖
Wolfie4201's avatar
First row, fifth egg

Is me at school
TitaniumPikachu46's avatar
I am doing this in the future.
I regret nothing.
purpleguynumber2's avatar
it's one punch man's family ! xD
ToBeFatAndBeyond's avatar
Nice to know I'm not the only one that draws faces on things. My whole fridge has only food with faces... and my bathroom... and my closet... Sweating a little... 
randomusernamehi's avatar
the 2 middles at the bottom just lookin at the creepy as heck eggs like
ErnestoNoMuslini's avatar
No one will escape!!!
AnonymousEgg's avatar
Musta been awkward making omelets with these.
Wuyiyi's avatar
That egg at the bottem left looks really demonic.  This is really funny.
KatyScene's avatar


Wait, where are we?"

"You see, YOU'RE the special!"
KatyScene's avatar
Like, Omigod XD
I want to try plz!!! :O
kittykatrocks12's avatar
I Love looking at these. They are Hilarious.
Mothscar's avatar
There be a one doing this :3
feonafox's avatar
I lik the girl that be flirting
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