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...or should we say "last egg sitting"?

I figured since it's easter, I should upload an egg photo again.
I captured this when me and my boyfriend ( :icongatlix: ) made lunch.
Now we're playing Pokèmon on each our laptops.. good times..

HAPPY EASTER everyone!! Keep on killin' those eggs! 8D

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Apr 2, 2010, 12:13:27 PM
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Very well done!! The egg's expression fits very well with the idea. But maybe you should have put something else with the fried eggs at the right? You know, just to make it have a more sinister touch to it. But still, it's very good photography, in how the fried eggs in the pan is blurred, and it's focusing only on the ''dead eggs'' and the only ''living egg.''
The title also fits superbly with the deviation. And how there's a shine on the ''dead eggs'' on the left... mm-hmm, that's very well done. You have some serious talent going on there.
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Oh no I'm chocking of laughter! XD
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That cracked me up!
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poor little egg
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Love the eggs-pression
...couldn't resist >.>
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Brilliant! Thank you for making me laugh!
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Oh God I got the laugh of the day! xD
Weird-Art-McNugget's avatar
I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!cry2  Save the eggs! 
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The poor last egg is gonna be cooked. XDD
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im sry..meh fave food is....EGGS.
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poor egg... XDDDD
Your sense of humor in these photos is hilarious!
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Norway is the cutest Hetalia character (ㅎ.ㅎ✞)७ 
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He's the last mannnnn standing , oh wait i thin k i got the lyrics wrong i thinks supposed to be the last eg standing XD (love your egg photos.
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Does anyone here remember that Annoying Orange type of thing where a bunch of eggs were watching a cooking show? XD
Reminds me of that all the time actually. lol
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run lil guy RUN!!.....wait..eggs don't have legs......ROLL lil guy roll away from the derpSubmit Comment
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Love it!!!   Very very nice!!!
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Oh boy, he looks nervous lol.
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It tells the story with a cruel obviousness. It's impressive the empathy that can cause a small abandoned egg in the box. The last of its brood. Be brave little one!
... And be good :hungry:

Great shoot indeed!
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