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hey what U starin at--ohShit..

because moar!!

I was visiting my boyfriend Øyvind again this weekend (yaaay! <3 ), and his mother (awesome lady) had seen my egg pictures and asked if I could draw a little on their eggs too to play a prank on my boyfriend's kid brother (what did I tell you?), so me and my boyfriend - who I'll refer to as Gatlix from now on as that is his alias on DA and elsewhere (or would you mind if I called you Vinnie? :3 ) - grabbed some markers and went to the fridge in like the middle of the night and fetched our unsuspecting victims...

He came up with a lot of neat ideas for the eggs, and he's also the one who took the pictures afterwards, so kudos to Gatlix people! ;D

The eggs are located in separate shelves side by side, so the eggs on the bottom panel would be on the right side and staring down on the eggs in the first panel.
And the pupils of the eggs were drawn so that when Gatlix's kid brother opened the door to the fridge the next morning, they'd be staring straight at him.

Would've loved to see his expression.. ;D

so, yeah, I guess that's it about this picture ^__^

egg art + photoshop editing:
photographer and owner of the eggs:
:icongatlix: (ask him nicely and you can buy 'em on eBay! lulz jk)

november 2008
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this looks like a scene from a horror movie

...that I would pay money to watch
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I'm going to do this too lol
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Theres that creepy demonic egg again, this is creepy funny picture, its dark in there and you see the demonic egg again, and that they're all creeped out, and the title.  All of this went with it so well!  Great job!
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That creepy egg though
stuartja79's avatar
I went through the fridge and put faces on all of my eggs. I can't wait until my bf craves eggs 😀
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i wonder if a vine or shorts video including these 'cartoons' has be been made yet? if not it will in the future
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LO I can't beileve this was posted in 2008, there should be more of these egg pics cuz there awesome
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when you realize someone just farted like really bad
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Creepy smile egg is just like "IM GONNA EAT YOU!!!"
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That one egg's face... Oh boy
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Kinda scary eggs.
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This looks awesome!
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Sharp-toothed one is still the best!
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the one in the front of the top carton of eggs is like, "omygosh help us"
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I love the expression on the egg next to the one that's about to cry! It's all like: I'm gonna maul you in your sleep, little egg...Chainsaw Chainsaw Chainsaw

I'm so crazy! XD
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I could picture the insane looking one being me
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