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wow... a dragon... >_>

yeah, well, it's a doodle I made of a dragon.. drew it yesterday while Akira slept. I was working on some other drawing, but got bored and drew something else instead, and couldn't think of anything better to draw that this little....thing.

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Did you create this yourself?
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I'm trying to learn how to draw and I used this doodle as a guide. I hope my little guy turned out okay. 
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Hey, could I use this as a tattoo? Please?
some guy in a city i live near made posters of this picture and put it on alot of walls XD
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This is ADORABLE!!!!!!
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Awww! I love how he looks like he's thinking, "Call me cute, and you will never see another day..."
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you should totally spruce this up and move it into the regular gallery!! this is really cute!
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OMG total KUL!! CHIBIIII :3 :+fav:
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Cute for a Dragon
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I think the sketch is really good :) it's so dynamic. Sometimes less is just more :)
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It may be a sketch, but it is actually very impressive due to it's simplicity and the nice combination of digital airbrush inking and the pencil line art.

Crisp, clean and nicely presneted.

Keep it up.
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aww, thank you so much! :hug:
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Always a pleasure, keep it up.
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A cute little dragon here; well done.
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Quite welcome.

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awwww cuteee! *O*
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Oooooh, he's so cuuute! you should make them and put them in the pet sroes.
and make sure they eventually become flesh eating horrors so we can look back in history and make a movie about it.
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:rofl: awesome! XD I'd love to do that..
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wow X3 what an adorible dragon soo cute X3 nice job!
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Zomg, this is so cute and awsome! I love his little wings. >w<
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Hehe, I really like this little guy. The eyes are very nice, and I also love the wings and ears!
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