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Is it too dark..? :?
you see, the screen on my laptop is pretty bright, so to me this isn't too dark, but that differs from computer to computer, so IDK if that brightness is just me or... meh, whatever..

Yes! so; this is another fan art of Gaara.
I really should be working on my commissions, trades and requests instead, but I felt inspired and I since I haven't been inspired in ever so long, I just had to draw it.

And yes, he's naked. *snicker*
And he's not twelve. This is more like...err... Shippuuden + a few years, y'know what I mean.
and yeees I'm aware of the anatomical flaws here and there. That's actually the reason I made the picture rather dark: so you wouldn't notice the flaws..
"sunatsubu" is, of course, Japanese and it means "grains of sand" - which I thought would be a nice title. My first idea was to title it sunaburo (sand bath), but I got bored from drawing every little grain and I'd never have the patience to sorta fill up a whole sand bath for him.
Yes, I drew most of the sand by hand. I couldn't find the "spray" brush XD lol stupid photoshop...
I eventually figured out I could set a layer to 'dissolve' and just paint with any kind of brush because the layer would make the brush into a spray brush, and stuff.. So err that's the crappy spray pixel thingies you see by the edges and a little on his lower arm, chest and thigh.
Too bad the picture is so small, I didn't realize that until I finished it, almost., I might crop it and submit another version of it somewhere, like in my scraps, so you can see the details.. :3

..heh, I was a little unsure what to do in the "mature content?" section. I mean, sure he's all nude and stuff, but it doesn't show his genitalia (didn't wanna draw that, simply because I'm no perv and cartoon characters need privacy too xD and besides I like to leave some things to the imagination ;p ), so does that count as 'artistic nude' or doesn't it?
so, yeah, I got so confused I just ignored the whole thing.. So if DeviantArt feels this is unapropriate lol then I'll go back and change that and yadda yadda..

lol I've actually no idea what to write. I didn't sleep tonight because I was doing that YouTube video, y'know, plus working on this one afterwards, so... yeah, rambling.

I'll stop it.

So, yeah; enjoy :XD:

Gaara (c) Masashi Kishimoto (I'm very sorry for drawing your character like this...)
art by: Elise M.S. / MoTH (nocturnalmoth.deviantart...etc etc) 2008
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Nice work. No it is not too dark.

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Geez, he is so slender... : )
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Photoshop is great in the sense that there are many different ways to do pretty much everything on it. Some methods are more destructive than others, though, depending on your intentions. Either way, I think you know what your doing so not finding the spray brush tool doesn't appear to have set you back very far at all. I love the dissolve tool.
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Yowzer...well done!
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Oh...dear...lord..I..* claps hands slowly* W- WoW totally amazing!
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HE'Z NAKED!!!! I am a dummy! La la la la :happybounce: Love :D (Big Grin)  Meow :3 :giggle:    ......and I think the anatomy is great btw^^
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"I like to leave some things to the imagination" you just made my day xD
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wow wish i could draw like that love the pic (y) :heart:
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This looks really amazing, great job on the drawing, once again! :meow:
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for real

amazing job
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Soooooo seeeeexyyyyyy!!!!!! XD
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*Niagra falls nosebleed*
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i think i fainted, this is just amazing^_^
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vNc ;kn;kdn:VNS
-gets lady boner-
Absolutely marvelous!!!
He never looked better.
(And omi...I have NEVER seen any modern artist in this day and age perfect the body, texture feel, and the emphasis that the historical artists portayed in their bodies. Truly magnificent...I see Da Vinci and others in your work. AMAZING~)
-I'm an emormous fan of Naruto so this is my fav pic yet!-
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This is just LOVELY! Wonderful job you made him look amazing. :D
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This is very creative! I like! :D
my fiance would be mad at me if he saw how much I was drooling
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that´s so awesome ♥
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=D oh yes nothing better than nude Gaara lol

awesome drawing I love how you made it dark it fits his personality and the flaws aren't that notice-able
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woah... epic^^ love it
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Badass! I like the dark quality, and how the sand grains seem to glow.
beautifull!! nice job! :D
O.o Want him... now >,<
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