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I do this all the time...

I know the golden rule; the "it's only funny the first time" rule, but I couldn't help myself.. I've got many more of these, I could put them in my scraps, but I figure you've all had enough of these terrorized eggs.
I haven't.. *smirk*

photo and idea: EMS/MoTH (still me, in case you didn't know..)


5 hours flat, and I'm finally done reading all the comments! But unfortunately I don't think I could live through answering all of them... so I'll sum it up here by saying:
Thank YOU so much for your comment!! all of you! :heart: I just can't believe how fast this absurd little picture gained popularity - or that it gained popularity at all, for that matter.. xD
but thank you, thank you all so incredibly much! *glomps the lot of ya!*
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Just like Sausage Party!