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:Encore: omg more eggs__

I had a marker and found 3 eggs in a basket - you do the math..


well, you wanted it and you got it: more stupid egg torture!

This one wasn't planned at all. I don't like planning these things, I've never planned it before and I didn't plan it now either. I think maybe that's what makes them a little funny: the randomness of it.. ?
And yay! brown eggs!
I think mom got these from a farm near by. unfortunately I didn't stay long enough to see her reaction when she found these on the kitchen table.... since they were new and perfectly fine and ready to be eaten before I got my hands on'em, I figure she got pretty angry... o__o"
I don't think she likes my kind of humor.. :p

Anyhow; yeah, so I just drew some random faces on these 3 eggs, just like I often do, didn't think much about it. But I took a picture just for fun. ([link] .. boring, eh?)
Then suddenly, my little sister comes out of nowhere and just stabs one of the eggs - just like that..! lol xD she's become just like me... Only she's better at torturing the poor eggs. I was all "no, don't stab'em, I need those.. :noes: " but she was just "but I want to stab them.." and then she attacked one egg after the other. :XD: lol
my sisters are awesome..
so anyway, I found this so amusing I just had to take a picture of that white smiling egg she'd stabbed in the stomach ([link]) , followed by a series of pictures of those other massacred eggs. Had to stop her before she destroyed their faces though, but it was difficult to speak while laughing so hard at how calmly she was while she "killed" those poor unsuspecting boiled eggies...
so credit goes to my lil' sister for this one!

photo is taken by me: Elise M.S (nocturnalMoTH) and is (c) me and my sister Malene J.S.
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that white one has a knife up it's ass and it's perfectly fine.
well ok-
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i lov ur eggies. Thank you for your gift of egg
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The white one is a masochist. Lol
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Is it bad that hes laughing while getting cut "alive"?!

Oh wait, that's right your sister stab the egg.
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is this like a fetish
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It seem we've both found our selves here.
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Oh hey, its been awhile.
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I spend about 99% of my time on G+ and Discord.
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can't stop laughing at the giddy egg, lol! genius!
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wtf this so funny!!why is this funny?!
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You poked a freaking knife through the egg XD
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Shh that egg is enjoying it
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Oh my god it's Flumpty Bumpty :XD:
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Omg I love these images! XD
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I feel bad for the eggs. :/
Don't ask.
I have a thing for inanimate objects.
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Since this is actually comedy.
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