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Black Rock Shooter - fanart

I drew this while on Livestream tonight.

fanart of Black Rock Shooter :)
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Black Rock Shooter is one of my favorite vocaloid songs! I actually was pretty dumbfounded when I saw it was an anime too :0

The art looks really nice too!
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Sooo awesome ^^
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amazing <3 can I use it in my supercell tribute mmv?
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OMG ! Your art is amazing! If you're interested, please take a look at my contest! It is a Winter Holiday-themed OC Contest!

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way cool dude
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This has been featured in my journal!

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This is super awesome O A O
Ish bootyfuuuls! ; A ;
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BRS always has the best fanart...! Awesome colours :)
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Nice. Do you record your live streams? I missed it but i'd so much want to see it.
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[link] <-- the recording is there if you scroll down a little :)
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nice work. very cool
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Looks amazing, :-D
I dunno what Black Rock Shooter is...OxO meep lol
but it looks cool :D
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