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Behind your back

you wanted more, here's more.
More oranges anyhow... e_e'

..actually, they're tangerines.

photo (C) Elise M.S. / NocturnalMoTH
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Sep 7, 2009, 11:30:27 PM
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It always amazes me how a few well placed lines on such everyday objects can transform them into something completely different and, more importantly, bring a smile to your face.

As usual NocturnalMoTH does something completely unique, painfully simple in its execution and does it well. There are plenty of people copying this now, including *ahem* some pretty feeble attempts by my good self, but they never seem to capture the same amount of expression or fun as these do (it's a lot harder to do than it first looks!).

...almost as difficult as wordsmithing 100 words together in a critique for a couple of doodled tangerines on a green cloth.

Love 'em!
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Anti-bullying slides in my school assembly. Every single one. They all look like this.
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How I feel in school.
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This reminds me of those jerks...
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the 2 oranges behind are the school girls who think that every normal things are strange and stupid things
and the other orange are me :v :'v fck, this smells to bullying at the next day.
Utkudakid's avatar
whats the difference between mandarin,tangerines and clementines?
OrangeySun's avatar
Clementines are small and can be split into wedges without a knife. Idk about tangerines.
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Great work, these are so funny XD 
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Something that can seem so simple explains so much.
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I knew it wasn't what you said, since the link says 'youtube'. I love that song so much lol (no joke)
Utkudakid's avatar
Shhhh keep it a secret! lolitrollu 
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that's me when my friends are like ' me and (name) need to talk alone for a sec'
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That's so mean! BTW luv the pic.
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