Prompt Art Feature #20: Heart
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Greetings y'all! And welcome to Prompt Art Feature :D

The idea: sharing a collection of five artworks viewed in the past week, based on a one-word prompt. I'll also add my thoughts in case you're curious :D

This week's prompt interpretation is inspired by the Within Temptation song, 'The Heart of Everything'.
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'the center of the total personality, especially with reference to intuition, feeling, or emotion'

'the vital or essential part; core'

Waltz of Folly - Updated by AmandaBastian
By AmandaBastian
I'll admit: this piece, made by my good friend AmandaBastian, is the reason I chose this prompt. I wanted to feature it because it's not only gorgeous, but also very deep. The link to the song sort of came naturally.

Save yourself from fading away now, don't let it go
See what you've become, don't sacrifice
It's truly the heart of everything

There is such depth in this piece that I don't know where to start. The bird's position, its looks, and the rope around its neck would make one think this bird is dead - murdered, for daring be itself. The claw-like branches suggest aggression, danger. But the moon behind it makes me think this bird isn't dead, but rather struggling to be free. Its heart is still beating as it fights against the odds, empowered by its own inner light. There is great power in this piece. The sheer amount of detail, especially in the plumage, is simply fantastic.
When I look at this piece, all I can think of is that one must keep fighting even when all the odds are against them. The heart must, and will, prevail.

YN - Parasomnia by 1-084
By 1-084
Hear the crowd in the distance, screaming out my faith
Now their voices are fading, I can feel no more pain

Every day, we are subjected to the norms and values of the outside world. Sometimes, these norms are not our own. Sometimes, they are also far too numerous, far too powerful, for us to overtly fight them. But even in silence, the heart keeps beating to its own tune. It is power in itself, keeps the shades at bay, until their violence becomes but a bad memory.
I absolutely love these creepy hands, and how calm the young girl stands among them. She's not afraid. She's not fighting. Rather, she lets them be who they are, while remembering who she really is.

Solace by JadeMerien
By JadeMerien
Now I know I won't make it, there will be a time
We'll get back our freedom, they can't break what's inside

This piece screams 'I will survive, dammit!'. At the same time, it gives me the impression of watching a statue come to life. The cracks in its rocky exterior pour out gold. Beneath the surface lies so much more than what we can imagine and, no matter what happens now, this beast will refuse to let itself be destroyed.
The contrasts in this piece are fantastic. The textures are, to me, very life-like despite being highly stylized - like a dream coming to life. I absolutely love the sensation of power that lies with this feline. It's a quality oft seen in JadeMerien's works, and part of the reason I love them so much.

Die Sehnsucht in Dir by CinnamonDevil
By CinnamonDevil
For the pain and the sorrow caused by my mistakes
Won't repent to a mortal, whom is all to blame
Open up your eyes

The heart bleeds; memories haunt the troubled mind. Everything is wrong, everything is dark. The past is a many-teethed monstrousity. There is no solace.
This piece is beautifully dark while, at the same time, retaining a semblance of light. The monster reaching out for the character is an abomination, born of the character's own perturbed mind, of his own tortured heart. But the character also doesn't want to surrender to this darkness. Although the entire world seems to be against them, they don't want to accept that all is lost. A profound and inspiring piece, beautifully rendered.

Greed by Sunima
By Sunima
See what you've become, don't sacrifice
It's truly the heart of everything

Our world is a place where greed rules all and there seems to be no place left for kindness. Yet, these resources can be used for greater purposes and give people the possibility to take flight, themselves. One doesn't rule the other out - wealth doesn't rule out care. When both come together, great things can come about. What's important is to remember what the heart of everything is.
Beautiful contrast of colours and shapes. It's the sort of picture you can keep staring at and still miss details of. I for one will be wondering what this bird is seeing.

Some final words...


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SunimaProfessional General Artist
thankyou very much for the feature! :la:
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You're very welcome! :hug:
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CinnamonDevil Traditional Artist
Uuuuuh, thanks for the feature! I really love your interpretation, 'cause it's a bit different from mine. Mine is more about longing for something or someone. It becomes an addiction, you can't combat. And that's the point where it feels like a monster living inside you and holding you back from other things in life. I enjoy your interpretation of the monster as haunting past mistakes and that you mentioned the little hints of hope :D Again, thanks!
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I did look up the meaning of Sehnsucht ('nostalgia', if google's right?), and clearly it's not what I felt when looking at it XD. But I can completely see it. Addictions, in all their forms, can become as monsters that we indeed can't fight anymore, and that take away all we value in life. I have a slight addiction to coffee and I know that, whenever I have too much of it, I get depressed. So I can relate to being trapped by the addiction-monster. I guess the danger with it is not realizing you've got a monster on your figurative shoulder, looming in. But I believe every addiction can be countered if acknowledged, and if you have something better to take its place. Even so, it's definitely not an easy battle. A worthwhile one, though. And your character does seem eager to make battle with his inner demons, somehow.

You're very welcome for the feature! Glad to know you enjoyed my interpretation of your piece :D (and I was happy to feature it. Your art's totally my sort of art. Heck, I need to watch you. XD)
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CinnamonDevil Traditional Artist
Naaa, nostalgia is really not the meaning behind "Sehnsucht" :D But I can't find a good translation either. The german word has (in my opinion) a depressive conotation, more like a (psychic) sickness or weakness. Something, that is hard to overcome, for example loving someone but feeling rejected by that person. But "Sehnsucht" has also its good sides, because you're hoping for something good to happen and trying to take your fate into your own hands. It's kinda hard to describe the feeling I get when thinking about that word. There are several words in different languages I like for their conotation but I struggle to find a good translation, that conveys these conotations. 

I like these kind of themed features, I checked out some of your other journals and I really liked what I saw :D
And thank you so much for the watch, I really appreciate it :)
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(this is a long overdue comment; apologies XD)

That is one awesome word, Sehnsucht. I don't think a simple translation could do it justice, from the looks of your explanations. 'Nostalgia' definitely doesn't suffice. It's like a blend of melancholy and dejection while at the same time hoping against hope that things will change. I really like that word, and your view on it. Thank you for sharing with me :)

Glad to hear you enjoyed the features! Always happy to hear that :D
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AmandaBastianProfessional General Artist
Love Tards Love Tards Thank you, Noct! Love Tards   Thank you so much for the feature! You definitely got the meaning of the piece spot on honestly Croh 
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You are omg so very welcome. It's my absolute pleasure to feature this piece of yours. I love such pieces thar are all about the inner strength - and, y'know, dark. We lovesies the darksies. << XD

I've loved watching your style evolve over time. It seems, since you decided it's okay to be yourself, it's taken a turn for the darker and profound. I for one understand all too well how darkness can equate light and power and is, essentially, something positive. What matters is being yourself. You're a good person with a good heart. Never forget that.

And I look forward to more of your works ;) glad to have gotten the meaning right! :hug:
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