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Death is coming to town

By Nocturnaliss
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So, I wrote this story back in September and told myself then that I should edit it sometime soon, since part of the idea of starting a Patreon was also to get to share my (new) works publicly. But I never got to it, mostly because I set the bar too high and basically burned myself out.

With the new year come and my 2018 weekly writing schedule and goals worked out, I figured today was a good day to revisit this story so I finally can make good on that desire to share stories.

And this one is something completely random that came into being while chatting with my buddy Tuntalm one day. She was sharing writing prompts with me, and then this gem came up:
'The man will be breathing all night, which surprised exactly one person.'
Naturally, my response was: 'So, likely, it surprised death itself. XD'
And thus ensued a short writing session during which I played a bit with the prompt and just threw a bunch of ideas together. Credits go to pawcanada for the story occuring on a Tuesday; as he's said many times to me: when something bad happens, it always happens on a Tuesday. XD

Yes, I have a thing for Death. Yet, for once, I managed to make the story not end in tragedy. Dunno how I did that. XD

Enjoy, and let me know what you think! :D


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I really like this story! The idea of surprising Death, and of the machine being unplugged, is really interesting. The strength of the human, and Death's surprise, is powerful to read. Even though the human defies their fate in a very sad sort of way, it's still awesome to see how they managed to re-write Death's notes.
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I love your interpretation of this story. I honestly hadn't looked at it this way (yet), and in a non-comical setting I'd expect that's exactly what'd have happened. Or perhaps it is indeed what has happened here - who knows!

Thanks for your feedback :hug: I loved reading your thoughts. It's been a while.

Also, while I'm at it: are you still gonna rework your Rising Horror story? Because I've been meaning to read it (for a looooong while, I know), and now that I'm done reading the series I've been on for a few years, I want to make your works the next thing I read. And, y'know, offer help if I can :)
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This is a really interesting concept! Is there likely to be more of it? :D
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Thank you! Alas, this will likely remain a one-shot. Unless I get writer's block again and feel like exploring this more casual and fun Death XD he's actually inspired by another brainworld of mine I never did anything with. So, you never know. Not gonna say never, only 'improbable'. << XD

And thanks for the fav! Glad you enjoyed that story so much :D
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Ahh, well I shall keep my fingers crossed then! I'd love to see more of this world :D

And you're very welcome! :hug:
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You make me want to try and explore that sideworld again. Doubt it'll happen, but in case I ever do it's nice to already know someone's interested ;)
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Well I shall be very happy if it does ever happen! :D
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