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(why did I never think of uploading text to writer instead of breaking my head over html tags? Argh. Live and learn.)

First and foremost: the only mature content in this story is profanity (and some cat attacks). I debated cleaning it up to avoid the mature tag, but then I was like: super-minor as the character is, the profanity's a part of her talk and there's no way for me to clean it all up and mneh I dun care. Plus I enjoy watching a woman curse like a sailor while the dude's all chill. XD

Anyway. This is the December Prompt Story. December was a special and sad month, as my dear kitty Katja passed away from pleurisy, itself caused by an underlying disease we didn't know about. Her sudden passing broke my heart (and my body, as it turns out), and triggered a depression. I'm still only half and half. But, every day gets easier, especially since we got our little Luna. She's young, she's black, she's a feisty little thing and our tabby Cheeta has been a great big brother to her so far :D

So December's story is a tribute to my cat, whose personality was the inspiration for this story's cat. Katja was a grumpy lady, very loving, but she was a MONSTER when she felt hurt. She once almost clawed off the vet's nose and tore the skin off my hand. In retrospect I believe that was due to her already feeling crappy, so she couldn't handle any added pain. Strong little bug. Always gonna love that cat :heart:

Now, regarding the story itself:
Tod, the main character, is about 24 years old. He's one of the protagonists from my upcoming novel, Fates, which revolves around three main (teen) characters: Shary, a dimwitted and compassionnate girl; Frank, a violent, vulgar bully; and Tod, a calm and placid albino boy who happens to be Death reincarnate. Fates plays out in two parts, one during their late teens, the other ocurring ten years later. This story here is one of many things that happened in Tod's life before fate's gears started turning again, and shows a side of him that very few people have ever seen.

Fates is slated to be done, I hope, sometime before Spring. It's 300 pages and counting so far, all of which and more available through my Patreon.

Many thanks to the awesome S-K-Sama for alpha-reading and sharing her wisdom. You make Fates better. :heart: :hug:

More info on the Monthly Prompt stories here.


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Believe me, it's my pleasure to have read and reviewed Fates thus far! It was worth *ahem* alpha reading. xD And if anyone's reading this comment and currently on the fence about this story, trust me when I say that this is just a taste of how character-driven and dark this story is. Considering I can say this about the very first drafts, the final story is going to be well worth the read.
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Man, I hope the final version(s) will live up to your expectations XD right now, I'll already settle for getting it done. But thanks so much for the vote of confidence :heart: and for enjoying the story! I love haring your thoughts and critiques :D :hug: