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Ario's story part 3: Of heart and Kokai by Nocturnaliss, literature

Ario's story, part 2: The cloaked traveler by Nocturnaliss, literature

Fragments of Selessannea's memories - Intro by Nocturnaliss, literature

Isolation - rewrite by Nocturnaliss, literature

Towards Light by Nocturnaliss, literature

The Adventure of a Lifetime - part 1 by Nocturnaliss, literature

A day in Death's life --- Revised Edition by Nocturnaliss, literature

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The Adventure of a Lifetime - part 1 by Nocturnaliss, literature

A day in Death's life --- Revised Edition by Nocturnaliss, literature

Aeyuu's Origins by Nocturnaliss, literature

Tonight's feast by Nocturnaliss, literature

Her last by Nocturnaliss, literature

At the edge of Silence by Nocturnaliss, literature

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Trilingual Dark Fantasy writer hailing from the Kingdom of Belgium. Chaotic good. Weaver of emotions and heartache.

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Favourite Visual Artist
Anyone who inspires an emotion.
Favourite Movies
Way too many! Let's just say, I like psychological movies the most. And Dragonheart. A lot.
Favourite TV Shows
American Horror Story, Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, Supernatural (guilty pleasure) - on the 'flix, You, Chilling adventures of Sabrina, 13 reasons why
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Within Temptation
Favourite Books
Dragonsbane quadrilogy, Long Earth sequence (except the last book)
Favourite Games
Persona 5 claimed 186 hours of my life, and I have no regrets. Royal claimed just a little bit more.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS4, Switch, PC
Tools of the Trade
Word 2016 for stories, Clip Studio Paint for digital art. Now and again paper and pencil, or aida and DMC threads.
I for one thoroughly applaud the change in the Watch. It's been YEARS since I was able to check it out. The stacks made me nauseous. I complained enough times about making a 'smaller' view. And never it came. Welp, this change is the next best thing. It looks really, really good on widescreen. Finally, a GOOD change. I'll get to keep up with people's art again. YEARS. Gods.
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So, after creating the watchers-only lock, DA has now graced us with the pay-to-view option. Just ran into it on an artist's page. I stared for a while there. I have to ask: who asked for these options? Especially when group adminning is still brok
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Greetings, Writer Buds! And apologies for the delay, the weeks have been hectic for both @Porsheee and I. At long last, the results are in, and we can finally proudly announce the winner of the Literature Contest: Time of Day :D Drumroll please! Aaaand congrats to Artoveli for her piece, Timeslip! We were in agreement that your piece deserved first place, and here are our reasons why: Porsheee:  "The dialogue is natural and light. The details are interesting and give personality. It is hard to write short sci-fi in particular (or fantasy, for that matter) that has a complicated setting without infodumping horribly. I think this story avoids that, and somehow benefits from the setting without interest-killing descriptions. The interpretation of the theme is also very interesting—a timeslip is really more like a non-time of day, which is a fun take on it! It reveals both the arbirtarity of time and yet how much meaning time gets from what we assign it (give it any other name and
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You are influential in the best ways.

Thank you? I have no idea where this came from though XD;

Thank you for the Llama! :)

Thanks for a llama. I thought that as a person interested in fantasy and TFs you may find my story worth of notice. If your works include some longer animal/fantasy TF s, I'd be glad to return the favour by providing you with some feedback on my behalf.

I read parts of the first chapter and am quite certain there's a good, solid story in there. Ignoring your lack of expertise in English, it feels like you know where you're going and what you need to rite to get the story flowing. I only read parts because the chapter's too long for me, with that very first HUGE paragraph making it hard for me to get into the story. But I liked what I saw. I'd say what you really need is to improve your mastery of English, so you can edit this story and improve its readability.

PS English is my third language, so trust me: it's possible. XD

I hope you'll see improvement in the later chapters (since I try to proofread them; got even help from a native with the last one). Still, I know the whole thing needs a thorough revision but I have to bring the story to the end first. I count on your feedback. Don't hesitate to point out both the good nad weak sides, while I'll take a look at your writings.

Please don't count on my feedback. I have already two other people waiting and can barely keep up. After these, I won't be feedbacking thoroughly for free anymore.

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