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January Prompt Story: Aeyuu's Origins
It was rage.
Rage destroyed the world.
The rage of a Goddess, betrayed.
She had perceived them for a while. The tricksters.
Their arrogance had gained them a state not meant for any of Aeyin's creations:
Immortality! A stain upon her lands! A constant nag in her mind! Knowing, always, forever, that the world was not right anymore!
And Aeyin did nothing.
She did nothing.
It was life, such as Aeyin was Life, and that it was eternal posed her Sister no problem. No reasonable argument that Zyud put forward swayed her Sister. Aeyin accepted mortal immortality as a new factual state. Zyud's pain swelled into hatred.
The webbed city of metal and Death overhanging the mid-world volcano Zyud destroyed, casting all remaining Living down into the broiling crater. She took then to the heavens, overcasting the world
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 5 2
Katja Tribute by Nocturnaliss Katja Tribute :iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 6 2 Portrait - Nalyn by Nocturnaliss Portrait - Nalyn :iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 1 6 Portrait - Sorasiehn by Nocturnaliss Portrait - Sorasiehn :iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 4 2 Portrait - Ine by Nocturnaliss Portrait - Ine :iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 5 22 Portrait - Kassandra Korande by Nocturnaliss Portrait - Kassandra Korande :iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 1 10
Commission: The Story of Eleysa
Chapter 1: Introducing Eleysa
 My name is Eleysa.
[we see Eleysa working at her computer, engrossed, glasses flickering.]
I'm twenty-four years old, and I'm studying Web Design. I've just started my first year.
I know. Aren't I a little old to start university?
[we see a close-up of Eleysa's right hand. It's a prothesis.]
Life doesn't always go as you planned.
[scenes fitting the coming narrative]
I was nineteen when I lost my hand. Just another teen, you know? Don't get me wrong: I was the responsible sort of teen, the kind you could trust with your car keys. That's exactly what my friend did. She wanted to stay late at a party and let me borrow her car. I don't remember what time it was. All I remember is bright lights blinding me on the road, and that was it.
Game over.
Well, that's what I hoped for after waking up and lifting my hand to greet my grief-stricken parents. I didn't lift a hand: I lifted a stub. They said I was in a br
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 4 1
Mature content
December Prompt Story: Another catastrophic night :iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 7 2
November Prompt Story: Solace in your embrace by Nocturnaliss
Mature content
November Prompt Story: Solace in your embrace :iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 2 2
Goodnight my lynx
Today we offer a prayer to the dearly departed.
Beneath the wings of darkness you resided,
Happy, always the proud stride
as you called out for us or joined in our world
upon our welcoming laps
Your place with us was meant to be.
Though your time with us was short-lived,
with us remain all the memories
and the knowledge, incandescent
that you chose to remain until the bitter end
I weep, but I am happy.
Happy to have known you
Happy to have given you a home
Our time together was short and strong
You chose well, even if all that remains for us is pain
But in the darkness, no pain is futile.
We have decided long ago to rise with power
This pain we feel won't make us cower
A year you waited to find your resting place
You remain with us, as I embrace
All that you were
All that you are
A beautiful light that left silence behind
We move on, but do not forget.
For some nothing more than a pet,
to me a family member à part entière;
merveilleuse et fière
Bonne nuit, ma petite lynx
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 2 0
I am the fabled Unicorn Salmon
It doesn't take much, sometimes.
You lose a single follower on Facebook, and it feels like your entire world has crumbled into oblivion and you're left there, shouting out your distress to the void.
No one is listening.
No one cares.
No one sees you struggling to keep your head above water.
No one understands that, to you,
being heard is a matter of life or death.
Or so it feels when you try and swim against the current of the norm and be that shiny unicorn salmoning her way up the waterfalls while the sharp teeth of Society snap at your heels. You know this feat of strength is possible. Others have done it before you.
You just don't know how.
And, as the grand Nobody that you are, you feel too small and insignificant to dare bother the Greats in their daily affairs to ask for advice or a nudge in a right direction.
You don't see your own value.
And how could you, since the void is a place of absolute darkness? It doesn't merely drive back the light; it swallows it whole. This is the p
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 8 0
Today is one of those days...
Today is one of those days when I have no hope for the future.
One of those days when I sit here, idle, imagining the relief it would be to stop watching life pass me by a minute at a time – 9:24. 9:25. A minute lost; another one. Then will pass another, until the end of my life is upon us and all I have to show for my existence is a whole lot of nothing.
And what is it I'm trying to achieve anyway? Fame? Fortune? Well, being able to eat every day would be a top goal, as is keeping a roof over our head. The Rational One in me accepts these as worthwhile goals, but the Dreamer? The Dreamer rejects this despicable normalcy. The Dreamer can't breathe when it's forced to think of anything else but the thoughts its own mind makes.
Today, the mind makes no thoughts. It breathes and yearns and the body denies. The body demands its own thoughts. And the Dreamer can't dream, can't escape, sits here trapped within the walls of Itself. The Dreamer cries and screams and peels itself layer by
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 5 4
Mature content
Tonight's feast :iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 5 13
As one tonight
Here in the darkness, surrounded by your light
I take a deep breath and dive into the night
Oceans of pearl invite themselves
Into every pore and every cell
I am at one tonight!
Here, with you, escorted by your light...
I the Dark, indivisible and true
Shimmer and twinkle in the love that is you
A kaleidoscope of possibility, irrationality
Upon scales born of fire, my sanity
We are as one tonight
Coiled and twisted, shining bright
Beneath the moon, you are my sunlight
We roar as one tonight
Two voices, one symphony
One path for us to dream
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 4 2
I used to stare out at the Moon for hours
Nothing else existed in my life
Except that pearly dome
I spent so many hours, days, weeks,
Months and years
Just staring, talking, howling and then
Hoping It would notice me
Hoping It would see me
See the truth and burn it down
I couldn't live without pursuing Its light
I sought peace and found war in Its wake
How can something so beautiful
Cause so much pain?
And I didn't see
Its truth
Not until Its light evaporated
The Moon abandoned my nightsky
And all that remained was darkness
I always needed a Moon
I always needed other lights to guide me
Because I always was the one left behind
For once, just for once
I wanted to be someone's Moon
And even when I became a Sun
I still felt the Moon's pull
I couldn't stand the light
From within this broken night
But then I stared up at the empty sky and saw how
It really was
Myriads of stars twinkled in the darkness
Some long gone, some still alive
Here lied the peace I had always sought
I would neve
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 4 3
Her last
The knife rested on Cassidy's quiet chest.
One arm hung from the side of the bed, its wrist streaked with crimson.
There was a smile on her face.
A beautiful, peaceful smile.
Upon stale air floated the stench of blood, young and sweet. To Devon, a bitter fragrance that reminded him of all that had ever gone wrong in his long life.
Death. So much death. So much loss.
His one and only friend – poisoned; Cassidy's mother – extinguished. Dead in his arms.
And now this… murder?
Instinctively, he closed the gates of his heart and lowered his gaze towards the room's other occupant. Cassidy's sister was sitting on the floor, heaped onto her knees, and screaming. It wasn't the sort of screaming he'd grown accustomed to; it sounded neither hysterical nor crazy.
It only voiced pain. A deep and true suffering echoed by her sobbing. Did he not know her inner truth, he would have stepped forward and held her. He could not hate a crying woman. But he could not forgo safety, either.
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 5 6

Random Favourites

Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent (light and dark) by Owllyn Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent (light and dark) :iconowllyn:Owllyn 18 6 Abyss Spirit Dragon by FleetingEmber Abyss Spirit Dragon :iconfleetingember:FleetingEmber 1,070 32 Line Art Colouring - Ine by pawcanada Line Art Colouring - Ine :iconpawcanada:pawcanada 8 4 V I E by Kentagrem V I E :iconkentagrem:Kentagrem 55 9 Winter Scarf by Tineelaze Winter Scarf :icontineelaze:Tineelaze 57 7 Vanok - Dragon (commission)This by maga-01 Vanok - Dragon (commission)This :iconmaga-01:maga-01 100 19 Color and Light Practice_02 by Xelandra Color and Light Practice_02 :iconxelandra:Xelandra 482 43 Ruan-jia-diablo-iii-book-of-tyrael by RuanJia Ruan-jia-diablo-iii-book-of-tyrael :iconruanjia:RuanJia 296 3 Skin colour tutorial by richten Skin colour tutorial :iconrichten:richten 84 20
How to Make Basic Cross-Stitch Patterns
Artisan Crafts
Making cross-stitching patterns is something everyone can do! It can be as simplistic as taking some graph paper, drawing out what you want, and then stitching it on your fabric grid. Or, cross-stitching can be done digitally, which is what I'm going to be showing you here today.
It's worth noting that the stylization I am going to show you is of the "full cross stitches only" kind. This is different from my personal style of patterning, which is miles of backstitching and partial stitches and tiny beaded details.
Why would you want to make a cross-stitch pattern? Perhaps you want your photo converted, and you don't want to pay someone else to do it, or maybe you need to do edits yourself to get the image you want. Whatever your reasons, know you have the ability to do it already.
Digital Options

There are many, many, many choices online for pattern conversion both paid and free. If you hop on over to your favorite search engine an
:iconpinkythepink:pinkythepink 56 23
Sin2 by wlop Sin2 :iconwlop:wlop 8,419 181 The Asymptotic Hunger of Yog-Sothoth by phibesby The Asymptotic Hunger of Yog-Sothoth :iconphibesby:phibesby 52 18 Railway Inferno VII by Dae-K Railway Inferno VII :icondae-k:Dae-K 219 2 Dinner for two by tinypaint
Mature content
Dinner for two :icontinypaint:tinypaint 1,006 47
Comm| Grimmla Design by SunDier Comm| Grimmla Design :iconsundier:SunDier 588 24



Greetings y'all! And welcome to Prompt Art Feature :D

The idea: sharing a collection of five artworks viewed in the past two weeks, based on a one-word prompt. I'll also add my thoughts in case you're curious to know what about the features touched me :D

This week's prompt is Demoniac, and has been pretty overdue if I do say so myself XD
(have an idea for a prompt? Saw artwork you think deserves some love? Suggest it in the comments!)



'of, relating to, or like a demon; demonic':

'an evil spirit; devil or fiend'
'a person considered extremely wicked, evil, or cruel'
'an evil passion or influence'
'a person with great energy, drive, etc.'

Evocation by CristianoReina
By CristianoReina
Like the next demon enthusiast, I love a good summoning scene. This one drew me in through its clever contrast of red and greys, and the overall composition. The perspective is as dynamic as the burst of tentacles reaching out from beyond that crimson portal, and shows a clear connection between portal and ritual book. The summoner's calm is as surprising as it is telling either of their mastery, or of their foolishness, or even of their blind devotion. One can but wonder what might be attached to those tentacles...

First Art Trade!! Seth from Sui by xinillus
By xinillus
Ah, demon boys :heart: what can I say: I love them! Especially when they're portrayed so deliciously well.
What immediately drew me in were the colours. The piece is vastly monochromatic, save for that singular eye standing right at the middle of the piece and the heat rising from below the character; the raven's eyes seem to echo the demon's own mind, which is prepared for a battle he knows he'll win. Clever use of blurs create a feeling of motion that makes the onlooker just expect for the character to dash out of frame. A very powerful artwork, contrasted nicely with the softness of the colouring style.

the Omen by Aenami
By Aenami
What if the world itself had suffered for so long that the blood of the fallen, coursing through its roots, enabled it to summon forth apocalypse?
That is the main feeling I get when watching this space-born entity come into view from within the stars and planet-born skies. The colours and raw art-style drew me in at once, as did the forlorn landscape spreading beneath the demonic being. The connection between said landscape and the creature leave me wondering how deep the planet's suffering truly is for its tears to stain the world.
There are so many details in this piece that I find myself unable to detach my attention. This is the sort of artwork I'd put up on my walls in a heartbeat.

Balrog - Inktober 07 2018 by AustenMengler
By AustenMengler
Admittedly, I didn't see a Balrog in this artwork at first, but Diablo from the eponymous franchise (which I need to get back into).
I absolutely love this art style, which was for me reminiscent of the artwork found in Diablo: detailed cross-hatching; powerful depiction of a demonic being; and gods, those horns, those teeth, that hollow stare - I love it all. There's such depth to this piece, in the creature's gaze, that I expect it to lurch out of its paper prison and wreak havoc on the world. Gorgeous artwork :heart:

A Little Voodoo with You by S-K-Sama
By S-K-Sama
Ahh I'll admit, I've been itching to feature my writing buddy and close friend S-K-Sama for a while now. The trick was finding a piece that worked within a given theme (hint, buddy: UPDATE MORE. << XD). Today I did, in the person of Junji Itou's Souichi.
I really love dark characters. I've yet to delve into Souichi's story, but from what I was fangirled about he's a creepy, voodoo-obsessed kid who loves to chew iron nails and spit them at people. And considering the character's dark nature, I can but adore Sama's depiction of it; her Souichi looks deranged and frightening, while retaining a sort of youthful charisma. Souichi is a little demon in his own right, which we can immediately gather from this picture. He's daring us to approach him. Who'll be foolish enough to try?

A final thought

Did you know that, etymologically, a demon is a guiding spirit or deity, and not the evil beings we've been taught to fear?
It makes for an interesting read, especially if, like me, you like to understand why things are as they are.
Hug a demon today. They're lovable.
Little Ine by Keem-Toon
Art of my Ine by Keem-Toon :heart:


Prompt Art Feature will be updated every other Sunday!

Have an idea for a Prompt? Then share it right away in a comment! :eager:

Artwork suggestion for upcoming Features? Omg why aren't you sharing it in the comments? :nuu:

Thanks for checking the Feature out! Enjoy, and see you in two weeks! :D

(due to personal issues, updating times may currently fluctuate. Apologies.)



Nocturnaliss's Profile Picture
Isabelle Apel
Artist | Literature
Writer. Gamer. Solitary by nature. Does like to talk to people.
I'm open to art trades/collabs! Just bear in mind I'm primarily a writer, so my strong suits here'll be poetry and story format roleplay storytelling (what a mouthful XD). Note me if you have an idea. :D

Also: Dragons. *nod*

Support us on Patreon! $1 single tier for very early access to all stories written in a month.

I also love the donation of coffee :heart:.

For all my novel-related endeavours:
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Profile pic courtesy of the awesome Vanillahare!


The Features should resume next Sunday. Apologies for the long delay. Life sorta just... hated me lately, or something. XD
Weird thing I discovered right now as I tried to copy an image link from my status, namely the pic of Ine made by Vanilla. This is the link I got:


Kinda confused why the preview image seems to be on a Wix server, and not a deviantart one. 

So I figured I'd click through on another pic, the cute Ine made by Keem-Toon, and copy the image address from the page itself. Result:


So... our works are on Wix servers now? When'd that happen? I know, I know: Deviantart was bought by Wix. I still find it weird to find artworks stored on Wix servers, especially as I recall the whole debacle about DA artworks potentially becoming available to Wix users to use on their websites.

That is all. Random find I felt like sharing. XD
As I was revising a story this morning, I made a change that inspired a small post on editing. It's about the importance of word placement to create continuity between paragraphs. Enjoy! :D
Ohhhhh my god so something amazing happened today:
Nocturnaliss - Ine by VanillaHare
The awesomely nice VanillaHare drew a picture of my Ine! And she's oh so gorgeous ;.; so befitting of her mischievous personality.

... now all I wanna do is make a 'Tales from Aeyuu' banner with her on it. Cuz she's becoming like a mascot. And what better than a cannibalistic Succubus-like to draw people in? ;D
There's a certain thrill that comes with re-writing stories from years ago, fresh with a new perspective, a new skillset, but the same characters.

Ther's also a certain terror in having to let go of all that you knew, all that you've been used to for over a decade, in order to ascend to a different level.

Even though the character doesn't change, the altered perspective makes her feel entirely different. And that takes some getting used to.
But... I like the result.

Snippet - Kassandra's loss by Nocturnaliss


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