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As one tonight
Here in the darkness, surrounded by your light
I take a deep breath and dive into the night
Oceans of pearl invite themselves
Into every pore and every cell
I am at one tonight!
Here, with you, escorted by your light...
I the Dark, indivisible and true
Shimmer and twinkle in the love that is you
A kaleidoscope of possibility, irrationality
Upon scales born of fire, my sanity
We are as one tonight
Coiled and twisted, shining bright
Beneath the moon, you are my sunlight
We roar as one tonight
Two voices, one symphony
One path for us to dream
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 4 2
I used to stare out at the Moon for hours
Nothing else existed in my life
Except that pearly dome
I spent so many hours, days, weeks,
Months and years
Just staring, talking, howling and then
Hoping It would notice me
Hoping It would see me
See the truth and burn it down
I couldn't live without pursuing Its light
I sought peace and found war in Its wake
How can something so beautiful
Cause so much pain?
And I didn't see
Its truth
Not until Its light evaporated
The Moon abandoned my nightsky
And all that remained was darkness
I always needed a Moon
I always needed other lights to guide me
Because I always was the one left behind
For once, just for once
I wanted to be someone's Moon
And even when I became a Sun
I still felt the Moon's pull
I couldn't stand the light
From within this broken night
But then I stared up at the empty sky and saw how
It really was
Myriads of stars twinkled in the darkness
Some long gone, some still alive
Here lied the peace I had always sought
I would neve
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 3 3
Her last
The knife rested on Cassidy's quiet chest.
One arm hung from the side of the bed, its wrist streaked with crimson.
There was a smile on her face.
A beautiful, peaceful smile.
Upon stale air floated the stench of blood, young and sweet. To Devon, a bitter fragrance that reminded him of all that had ever gone wrong in his long life.
Death. So much death. So much loss.
His one and only friend – poisoned; Cassidy's mother – extinguished. Dead in his arms.
And now this… murder?
Instinctively, he closed the gates of his heart and lowered his gaze towards the room's other occupant. Cassidy's sister was sitting on the floor, heaped onto her knees, and screaming. It wasn't the sort of screaming he'd grown accustomed to; it sounded neither hysterical nor crazy.
It only voiced pain. A deep and true suffering echoed by her sobbing. Did he not know her inner truth, he would have stepped forward and held her. He could not hate a crying woman. But he could not forgo safety, either.
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 3 6
The beating heart of Death
He only saw the stars in her eyes.
She was as night incarnate; clad in black, long dark hair flowing upon absent winds, and deep black eyes twinkling like small galaxies on the nightsky. For the first time in his immemorial life, Marwi felt. He wanted to get closer to this woman and study her features, or so he thought; what he felt, however, was the desire to lose himself in the sense of familiarity conjured by her darkness.
But the nightlady was not as night. She was not peaceful, nor did she obey the laws of nature. She was angry; an artificial anger induced by Fate, whose twisting mark shone blood red on the nightlady's cleavage. Her face, contorted by emotion, seemed nonetheless to betray a certain reluctance. Defiance. He noticed how her fists shook, how her stance swayed.
When he stood close, near enough to touch her face if he'd so wished, the nightlady crossed the gap herself. He suddenly felt a sort of cold weight penetrate his abdomen.
He was surprised to disco
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 3 0
Beautiful ruins
I've burned the pages of my past
You who hates, whom I forgive at last
Who I don't understand and gave
far too much credit to in my life
I renounce myself for all that I was
- greedy, jealous, an obsessive hermit crab
And open the door for all that I am
- dark but kind, free of those chains
The earth has trembled, and so did towers
built on sand get swallowed up
by the divine,
revealing magnificent ruins beneath time
Birds and Dragons take flight in the afternoon sun
But I remain here, Black Dragon's love on my shoulder
With one hand upon scales I smile
With Death's hand in my own I rise
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 1 2
Your Reason
I have screamed into the void of your silence
Until my lungs bled through my eyes
Even then, I wasn't given to understand
Why you decided to leave me behind
Is it me? Is it you? Is it madness in between?
Is it just that you need light,
which is something I can't give?
Is it fate? Is it change? Something none can understand?
Is it just that life is different now,
our paths no longer the same?
I don't believe in fairy tales, but I believe in you.
My heart may bleed, my legs grow weak
But through the silence, at its peak
I see the pain for what is true
Thirteen swords I draw, each severing one lie
I stand alone, yet tall and proud
This fire dark, I breathe and hide
Bleeding, dancing, I write my fingers raw
The silence speaks in riddles to the fools
Plays its cruel game of frightening deceit
Your heart I cannot reach, but for mine I choose
That the past be the past, the good stay the good
All things happen for a reason -
I will always be here when you need me.
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 0 2
Seasons of the Writer
Here I stand at winter's gate
With tears in hand, I question my fate
Are my grand dreams all in vain?
Am I nothing but fear, my certitudes drained
By the knowledge I'm nothing to no one
Perhaps not a writer, but what am I then?
Fears melt in the wake of spring
A pen in hand, together words string
Grand dreams are the measure of hope
Built upon certainty, with scars I must cope
I'll always be welcoming Sorrow at heart
As part of my self, my demon, my home
And blinded I am by the bright summer sun
With empty hands, I let its love burn
I know where I stand, dreams and reality blend
There is nothing to hold back the Dragon within
Fire and light upon ashes entwine
Soaring high, I wish not to land
But autumn consumes my dark skies
Wings turn to hands, it is time to make wise
Decisions and to brace for the winter
Huddled by the fire of the mind
Writing away, life will soon be but lies
I do always remember: the soul never dies.
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 4 8
O Grumpy Birb
Grumpy Birb, oh Grumpy Birb,
How can I make you smile?
You always look so angry, birb,
No matter what I try.
I'd tickle you with feathers,
but you'd only peck my hands;
I'd tell you funny stories
but you always look so tense.
I wonder what it is that makes you sore
And why you'd rather stand aside.
Perhaps like birds you long to soar
but know that you can't fly.
Well then, my birb, do feel the grump no longer!
I'll build you wings, with feathers and strings
You'll be magnificence among the Dragons
And soar as high as the winds'll bring you
To a place where you'll belong.
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 2 3
Death is coming to town by Nocturnaliss Death is coming to town :iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 2 7
Ruler of a fallen throne
My words are my own
My responsability, my honesty
I will not come and luster your crown
If I believe you're not fine
I understand the darkness, better than you know
It is a place of trespassers where nothing ever grows
To remain within its grasp is to become what you detest:
The judge and executioner of present and past
The sole entity worthy, the egotistical monarch
But you know it isn't you, deep in your heart
I cannot bow to the tyrant who spits hypocrisy
Not when I see your heart die with every word,
When this monster swallows you whole
and leaves you vulnerable in sin's cold
But I also know that time will tell - no human can,
For all there is to learn lies already within your hands
I may not bow nor will I regret
But by your side I remain, always, as your friend
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 2 5
I want to watch the world flare
I'll be its purgatory - the seed of agony
The black-hearted bastard child
Who's known but hatred and misery
All because of you
Because of who you are
That greed in your heart
That need to have it all
Be it at the cost of my life
Who am I to you if not your pain
The sole useless strain
On that soul that knows love nor grace
Yet every day, I struggle to contain
My rage, the urge to light the flame
That finally your life will claim...
Isn't it stupid?
I'd rather die than call it quits
Yet die I can't, and die I won't
Not before I cleanse the affront
That you and your kind are to me
By flame and by death
I am Purgatory
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 1 14
Ansai Sorasiehn by Nocturnaliss Ansai Sorasiehn :iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 3 8
Would you mind
Would you mind if I hurt you tonight
Would you mind if I tried to kill you
And bleed you and feed on your light
Would you mind if I gouged out your eyes
Would you mind if I tore out your heart
And replaced both our lives with statues of salt
Would you mind if I sliced off your scalp
Would you mind if I I peeled off your hide
And pretended I'm princess in our danse macabre
Would you mind if I sacrificed tonight
All that makes your heart beat with pride
Because my dreams are hunting down sanity
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 1 31
Fille du Neant
Je suis née du néant
sans vies, sans rêves, Enfant
des ténèbres
J'en suis leur lumière
Car il n'y a rien autour de moi
Seule lune dans un ciel froid
Seule, mais sans effroi
car de mes mains coule, rivière
que sera l'univers,
ce monde inconnu qui me libère
qui m'intrigue et opère
un changement dans mes artères
Je suis fille du néant
Je Suis, car tel est mon nom
Observatrice et curieuse
Vous êtes mes étoiles nombreuses
Je vous guide, amies précieuses,
dans ce monde que je vous offre
qui s'étoffe
qui devient
qui Est
* * *
I was born from the void
livesless, dreamless, Child
of darkness
I am their light
For here nothing surrounds me
Sole moon in a cold sky
Alone, but fearsless
as from my hands flows, river
that will be the universe,
this unknown world that liberates me
that intrigues me and performs
a change in my arteries
I am daughter of the void
Observator, curious
You are my numerous stars
I guide you, precious
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 3 10
At the edge of Silence
We stand here, at the edge between life and death. In peaceful darkness we await you.
Come. Come, and shed this corruption that is life. Abandon all hope, all pain, all sorrow.
Here, among us, you will be free. We have been calling for so long. Have you not heard us? The quiet, welcoming whisper that drowns out reality when, late at night, you ask yourself whether awaking the next day is worth struggling for.
No, it is not.
Have you not suffered enough? Long years spent in solitude, ignored by all whom you loved. Abandoned, in time, by those you had trusted. The need for acceptance became desperation; desperation became despair. You trust no one; not even yourself when, every morning, you stare into your own hollow eyes and wonder what it would feel like to slide the razor along your throat. You have contemplated for so long. Why do you still hesitate?
The girl you yearn for doesn’t know you exist. The pet you care for only needs your hand to feed it. Your dreams are all but d
:iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 5 14
Sketch dump. That's right. Skeeeeetch dump. by Nocturnaliss Sketch dump. That's right. Skeeeeetch dump. :iconnocturnaliss:Nocturnaliss 4 0

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Greetings y'all! And welcome to Prompt Art Feature :D

The idea: sharing a collection of five artworks viewed in the past week, based on a one-word prompt. I'll also add my thoughts in case you're curious :D

This week's prompt courtesy of pawcanada's lovely obsession. Aoi is happy 
(have an idea for a prompt? Saw artwork you think deserves some love? Suggest it in the comments!)



'pertaining to, characterized by, or capable of swimming'

Mermaid by Kate-FoX
By Kate-FoX
And I did not fear the waters, as I do not fear the rain.
I knew that when I fell, I would fall into known hands.

But what I find interesting about this piece is that, even though the Mer here looks at peace, I rather get the impression that they are, in fact, drowning, and the Abyss below is going to swallow them. There's an almost aggressive quality to these many hands, a certain lack of vivacity in the Mer, that makes me feel like everything is over with now, and so things are as they should be. I do love the composition and murky colouring, which for me create this gloomy, sorrowful atmosphere.

The seven deadly sins GREED by AquaSixio
By AquaSixio
Riches, riches, all for the taking!
I may look cuddly and charming
but in my world I shall be King.

I found two layers of 'swimming' in this piece: for one, we have this cute little raccoon obviously knee-deep in water while fish swim alongside him; for two, he's proverbially swimming in money, and you can tell by the greedy look in his eyes that he believes all of these riches to be his. I love the vibrant colouring in this piece, the realistic depiction of water, and the bemused looks of these fish while Greedy McGreedums steals a fortune they never knew they had. That look in the raccoon's eyes is just so telling of his thoughts.

Two plus one by wotawota
By wotawota
And he turned to his love and thought.
In his eyes beauty incarnate,
one day bound as well to become naught.

A well-framed photograph that, I think, illustrates just how gorgeous swans are, and why they are often used as heart-shaping symbols of love. The light's hitting their plumage just right to give them a glowing, warm quality. And I find the other swan's darkness quite an interesting contrast; like a ghost of things passed or yet to come. Really loving the composition here. Thought and love-provoking.

Darling Zero Two by ZAKUGA
Who am I? And who are you,
to disturb me while I soak?
Would you like to know?

I felt captivated by this creature's mischievous glare and lovely pink hair - and, let's be honest, we needed a sexy bathing girl in this list. Preferably the sort of sexy bathing girl whom you know might be hiding a terrible secret underwater, yet looks so stunning and mesmerizing that you'd not care anyway. There almost seems to be blood hanging in her hair, near her throat, yet it is so subtle that you'll have drowned in her eyes and her arms before you notice the telltale signs of this being a dangerous creature come to prey on the weak-fleshed.
I absolutely love the soft colouring and that gaze of hers. Her expression is what I imagine succubi to wear.

Mermaid ships drowner by DeadInsideGraphics
By DeadInsideGraphics
You've heard tell of mermaids swimming these waters,
drowning and eating our brothers in arms?
My friend, beware:
some things eat even mermaids.

Naturally, I couldn't resist featuring something so awesome as an undead mermaid. The level of detail is simply astounding (you'll want to click the image and check the close-up pic in the comments). As is the composition itself, the ideas, the style. It reminded me of those old you're-the-hero books that I loved, which had fantastic artworks bringing the adventure to life. I adore this mermaid's skull and that hair flowing behind her, and her coiling tail, and the shipwrecks shown here and there in the background that further establish this monstrosity as something terrifying and deadly. A stunning piece.

Some final words...

For the girls among us
Goodbye, summer! by anndr


Prompt Art Feature will be updated every other Sunday!

Have an idea for a Prompt? Then share it right away in a comment! :eager:

Artwork suggestion for upcoming Features? Omg why aren't you sharing it in the comments? :nuu:

Thanks for checking the Feature out! Enjoy, and see you in two weeks! :D



Nocturnaliss's Profile Picture
Isabelle Apel
Artist | Literature
Writer. Gamer. Solitary by nature. Does like to talk to people.
I'm open to art trades/collabs! Just bear in mind I'm primarily a writer, so my strong suits here'll be poetry and story format roleplay storytelling (what a mouthful XD). Note me if you have an idea. :D

Also: Dragons. *nod*

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I also love coffee :heart:.

For all my novel-related endeavours:…


How it's possible to struggle to find five pics among 5,000 notifications (not even close to kidding) is beyond me. 

But, I managed to find some art for the upcoming feature. And, regaring that, a small announcement:

Prompt Feature will now become a two-weekly feature. My time'll be more limited starting September, and I don't want to discontinue this feature, so I'm adapting it to my timeframe. Sorry about that for those of you who enjoy the feature.

In completely unrelated news, I'm starting to see the end of my novel, which is currently sporting a nice little 140k words. Looking forward to being done with it. :D (even though I'll miss the characters <<)

Little Ine by Keem-Toon
Made by the awesome Keem-Toon, featuring my lovely Ine as she is most of the time: happy-go-lucky, sweet, and totally in love with love. ;D

Thank you so much, Keem-Toon! She looks fantastic. I love her :heart:
Taking a small hiatus from the Prompt Features, as bf's home for three weeks and, naturally, free time has dwindled significantly. It's also been way too hot to think.

So Prompt Feature will be back on August 26th with, I hope, darkness and cold air. XD

Thanks for understanding and see you then! Hope you're enjoying your summer, unlike me. XD
I have yesterday's featured art ready, but I'll keep it for next week. Having some issues with feeling overwhelmed by time (of lack thereof - all in my head) and getting in a state of panic. This happens, now and again. I'm a bit of a chronophobe.

So, apologies for the lack of Feature. I prefer keeping it warm and giving myself the time to write up a thoughtful feature, than rush because of self-imposed time pressure (which is when I do my worst work, whatever it is I do).

Next week's Feature will explore archetypical aspects of women in Fantasy. So stay tuned, it'll be worth the wait :)
Nothing to do with art, but frustration needs to be outed somewhere.
Just spent 4 hours on FF15's most difficult dungeon, Pitioss Ruins. Cleared the thing, Black Hood in hand.
Then I went to my Regalia, took off, and crashed it against the wall. Silly game over thing, but ah well.
Then it hit me. I didn't save my progress. Totally forgot the game over thing.
Prayed to the Gaming Gods the stupid game had made a checkpoint save.
It's like I never cleared Pitioss.

Can't even care about the last trophy I'm missing. After 140 hours, two playthroughs, I. Am. Done. And furious. 
And also pretty damn proud to have completed that dungeon, even if I forgot to save. I can now put FF15 away, be it with a missing trophy. I'm satisfied.

(who remembers to save after spending 4 hours in one dungeon? Even Noctis complained about his brain hurting. XD)


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