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Cat on the Moon Tattoo



First thing's first

This is not me


I did not photograph this

Ok, so a few years back my friend Melvin asked me to draw this tattoo design for his girlfriend Olga.
I had limited time to do it and I pretty much suck at drawing cats. Regardless I tried my best and Melvin was very clear in his instructions and details of how she wanted the tattoo.

In the end, I had this simple sketch that I wasn't exactly very pleased with and felt almost ashamed to give them.

Not too long ago Olga added me on myspace. I had seen her several times since and knew that she had gotten the tattoo. However, I didn't realize until I saw her myspace default pic that she ended up using the design I drew!

I'm beyond flattered

seriously want to flatter me to high heavens all you have to do is permanently ink one of my drawings onto your skin ^_^
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