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Cat on the Moon Tattoo

First thing's first

This is not me


I did not photograph this

Ok, so a few years back my friend Melvin asked me to draw this tattoo design for his girlfriend Olga.
I had limited time to do it and I pretty much suck at drawing cats. Regardless I tried my best and Melvin was very clear in his instructions and details of how she wanted the tattoo.

In the end, I had this simple sketch that I wasn't exactly very pleased with and felt almost ashamed to give them.

Not too long ago Olga added me on myspace. I had seen her several times since and knew that she had gotten the tattoo. However, I didn't realize until I saw her myspace default pic that she ended up using the design I drew!

I'm beyond flattered

seriously want to flatter me to high heavens all you have to do is permanently ink one of my drawings onto your skin ^_^
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it's really nice! i like the clouds, it's a beautiful detail.
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thanks! the tattoo artist deserves most of that credit though, I only did the linework
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by the way - forgot to say that I'm totally in LOVE with it :love:
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would you be able to draw this identically?
I'm thinking of having this tattoo :heart:
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wow thanks

to be honest I kinda really didn't like this drawing. I thought the cat was hideously gangly looking. Cats aren't exactly my forte x.x

I don't know if I'd allow myself to draw the same exact image again, lol
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OK, I understand it very well ^^
I'll try to reactivate my drawing skills and do it by myself, then.
I hope you don't mind it, cause it's your drawing after all. :XD:
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I'd appreciate it if you changed it up a little
like the pose or something, as this girl was specific in what she wanted and I know tattoos are very personal to some people.
If you asked someone to make you a custom one you probably wouldn't like someone else having the same exact thing.

anyway, like I said, it's fine with me so long as you please change it up a bit. Obviously I can't stop you if you decide not to, lol, but I'm hoping out of respect for me and my friend you will :)
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I wanted to change it a little bit anyway.
There are a few things I want them to look different so it definitely wouldn't look like that one above ^^
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it's really cute! The moon and clouds look great. the cat doesn't look like a normal cat, but it's a really attractive stylization! I think a more realistic looking cat would have made that moon look out of place, but the balance in this is the fact that all the elements are stylized and compliment one another.

Ask her to try and get a better picture without glare ^^;
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Thanks :)

They edited the moon a bit and added the clouds.
all that's really mostly mine is that gangly cat, haha. Honestly I thought it was hideous. I still don't think much of it, but I'm just super flattered that she got it done anyway and didn't turn to a different [better] artist.

I totally just stole the image from her myspace without asking, haha
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