Pride Parade and what's up
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So, It's been a while since my last journal update, and lot has happened.

Today was the day of first Pride Parade ever in Serbia. Let's just say it was everything but peaceful. Belgrade (capital of Serbia) is in chaos all day long and I woke up and drank my first cup of coffee with pretty videos of "family protectors" fighting with the police on the news. I'm ashamed of being from Serbia.

As you probably know I'm straight, but I have friends who are gay, and they are good and normal people who are afraid of being who they are because our society would reject them as if they have plague or something...
I wanted to go to pride parade, but didn't because it wasn't safe.

My little way of doing something is taking part in social media campaign Count Me Out. You have all the information in…

As for everything else, my classes start tomorrow, and I'm kinda excited about that. I've also being busy doing custom work, but hopefully I'll make something new and free soon.

Hope you guys are doing good..

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mackiechanHobbyist Digital Artist
booo thats sad :( when we now that we have to let go the premium account :'( well congrats for the new job n_n I hope you'll be fine,

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Noctuline Interface Designer
I miss some stuff,but I'll survive... :D

Thanks, I'll try..