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80s jam

a tribute i did to the cartoon heroes of the 80's
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why can i see this :crying: rvmp 
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These '80s characters so rule!
OUTBURST73's avatar
nice piece thought u should know that this place is using it there site (chicken pop pod::episode 32.5)
your name is removed from it
JaimeMolina's avatar
that's cool but there's not the he-man of the 80's
jediknightownsall's avatar
awsoume pic man

whos the guy on the top right?
Candylover20's avatar
I reconise four of them; Transformers, Thundercats, He-Man and TNMT. Who are the other three?
Glarryg's avatar
There's some G.I. Joe between Optimus Prime and Michelangelo, a little bit of Silverhawks in the corner, and some Gatchaman on the side.
Candylover20's avatar
thx. Might not be a 80's child but I do appreciate old cartoons.
Mikey looks similar to his original comic book drawings.
MutantBabyProduction's avatar
AWESOME work dude! especially on Snake-Eyes :D
MissClawful's avatar
The 80's was the best. Pretty much all my favorite anything comes from this time.
Barricade80's avatar
These are my kind of cartoons, hell yeah!
Awesome... these guys are much more cooler than those pussy-emo so-called heroes of these days.

Nice work dude!!!
Sanguijuela's avatar
Wow. I think my brother watched most of those guys.
Paul07791's avatar
that is awesome, though I'm not sure why you used the 2000+ version of He-Man :D
legacyofchaos's avatar
memories! ahhh!
thanks for a refreshing moment.
doaivu's avatar
this is just awesome, love your art, even bought a sketchbook of yours couple of years ago^^
ryeguyjedi's avatar
My childhood never looked so awesome!
SouthernRose's avatar
OMG, this so rules!!!
katrover's avatar
Sexy. Let me guess. You were a kid in the eights, and the recent 80's retro trend was right up your alley.
JinSaotome's avatar
HAHA! awesome I remember all those shows! I totally digged the Silverhawks!
noctrnlcry's avatar
Thanks! glad you liked it... and Silver hawks ROCKED!

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