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Kewpishly Yours by Noctourniquet Kewpishly Yours by Noctourniquet
I thought I would make these Kewpie brushes in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the Kewpies first published in the Ladies Home Journal 1909 issue. The Kewpies were created by Rose Cecil O'Neill (1874-1994), Artist, Illustrator, Writer and Sculptor. I do not claim them to be mine but only make a tribute to her and her wonderfully whimsical creations therefore I hold no copyright over them. I hope you enjoy them! [Adobe PS Elements 2 - 30+ Brushes - Only a few are shown but all are of the same quality. Additionally: Rose O'Neill Illustrated Signature, 2 Heirloom Photos of Rose and Tribute Stamp]
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