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In the nights
dream delight
Oh, how we want to see you racing there.

Since the debut of NiGHTS in 1996, the dream jester has brought joy to countless fans around the world. After the success of NiGHTS into Dreams, he's had cameos and even starred alongside Sonic in many games.

With the announcement of Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing, there's a problem. Sega fans are thrilled with the game's graphics and smooth gameplay, but most of the focus is on the revival of older characters. Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue is back, Zombies from House of the Dead appear as racers, and even ToeJam and Earl are being discussed. This is turning out to be every Sega fan's dream.

But where's NiGHTS?

As Sega stars are pulled from obscurity, NiGHTS seems to be descending into it. Such a unique and iconic character is nowhere to be seen, even though he is most certainly a Sega All-Star.

At NiGHTS into, we need your help. In any way you can, please show that NiGHTS should not be forgotten. Put a banner in your forum signatures, vote in *iMAGNi's deviantART poll, even send friendly emails to Sonic Team. NiGHTS is as popular as ever and needs your help. Otherewise, there really will be no NiGHTS.

The official Forum Topic-[link]

Update! I sent this to Sega, as TRiPPY suggested. :)
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