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Sword Scabbard Instruction

By Noctiped
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Just something I worked on for a while.

Feel free to comment or ask questions. I strive to make it better.
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Hi!  =)

As this instruction is made for foam weapons, I have written the principles that are used to preserve life for that type of weapon. When latex-coated swords start gripping they quickly wear out eachother, and can easily be damaged for ever if stored against each other without anything in between. 

Yes, sharp swords grip eachother. The bind however is (at least in the german school of fencing) just a term for when the weapons have engaged, and you therefore can affect the opponents blade directly with your own. Control of the sword can be acquired in many ways, of which very few actually require sharp swords. Many just uses different sword/body angles and biomehanic leverage to your own advantage. If you want to try for yourself, check if there is any HEMA club nearby, and go for longsword fencing. It is really, really fun. =)
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Is there any other way to make a scabbard out of anything other than leather? I'm trying to make one as cheap as possible, and I lack the materials to sew this or even get to where you got. Thank you in advance!
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Yes, it is possible to make it out of pretty much anything. Leather works best though.
I have seen people make similar ones out of cloth, wool and fake skin. They tend to be quite
floppy though.
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Ahh thank you! I can try something along the lines with foam board and paper mache right?
If not I'll think of something.
Thank you anyway!
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Well, I am not sure foam board on the inside would go well with latex weaponry, but I guess you are intending it for cosplay. And it is possible that foam board will not react well to sewing, if it is too fluffy there is a risk that the thread will tear trough the foam with time.
 Other than that, good luck. =)
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Yes I wanted it for a Samurai Sword, and I am trying to find a way to make two scabbards so I can carry them in. Thank you for your help regardless! It's highly appreciated. :)
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It will be quite tricky to get this design to work with a  curved sword. It is possible, but will probably take long time and a lot of effort.

I think that either wood or plastic base, and then covered with fake leather would be easiest.
Perhaps a PVC pipe heat shaped to a curved scabbard shape would fit both function and economy.
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Ah thank you! That's defiantly helpful. :3
I'll look into it!
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I just got a thought, a year after the discussion. =P
Wouldn't it be possible to wrap your sword in thin cloth or kitchen plastic, and then make the papie mache on top of it? That would work even for a curved blade, as long as the curve is consistent. The sword can be removed when the stuff has dried, and the fit should be very good for that particular sword.
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Yup, no social life at all. Thanks Anyway for the great instructions.
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You're welcome. =)
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Jag antar att detta också funkar för stålvapen? Eventuellt då minus silvertejp kanske? Kan iofs inte tänka mig att silvertejpen skulle vara till skada.
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Ja, det bör vara precis samma princip för stålvapen. Fast silvertejpen är nog mest ivägen och besvärlig då.
Däremot bygger man ofta en tunn träbalja man har inuti när det gäller skarpslipade stålvapen, för att lädret inte ska skäras sönder med tiden.
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Svärdet i fråga är trubbigt, torde klara mig utan träbalja. Hoppas jag. Mina slöjdkunskaper och -verktyg är ganska begränsade... Tack för tutorialen!
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Inga problem. =)
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Thank you so much for making this tutorial! Very thorough and informative!
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Well thank you. =)
One always strives to help others. ;)
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Thanks. =)

If you do, i appreciate any images of it. It is always fun to see what people makes out of your ideas. :)
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Great tutorial! I doubt I'll ever make one, but it's always nice to know how it's done. :D
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Nicely done! Your stitching is immaculate. Thanks for sharing! :D
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