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Nocti Ref Sheet (2021 Update) by Nocti-Draws, visual art

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Twilight Re-Redesign! by Nocti-Draws, visual art

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Celestia Redesign (+SPEEDPAINT) by Nocti-Draws, visual art

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Luna Redesign (+SPEEDPAINT) by Nocti-Draws, visual art

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Okay, so this has actually blown me away. Thank you, all 1003 of you (at the time of writing)! This is absolutely incredible and I had no idea this page would go this far. I remember years ago, hitting something like 70 watchers, and being overjoyed with how many people actually enjoyed seeing my colourful cartoon ponies. Like, envision a room filled with 70 people. Well now imagine one with over 1000! It's honestly baffling, but I'm so proud of my progress over the years as an artist, even if it's only a hobby for me. I love comparing my art between the years, there's even a noticeable improvement between pieces made 6 months apart! And I'm so glad I have people joining me on the ride. It's fun, cathartic, therapeutic and I have always loved making characters and stories. When I check my notifications, there are names I recognise from years ago, I know my "regulars". And I think that's so sweet! So here's to more art in 2022! I might even try and expand my content a little more
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NFTs are pretty scary to me. (I don't have the textured brain to explain them fully, but many people on YT do a great job of getting you in the know) I've seen it three times today alone, multiple artists I follow (dA and other platforms) have been saying they've found their art being sold as NFTs. Now, I'm not an expert on crypto/blockchain/tokens/etc, and like. Sure, do what you will with character generator vomit-inducing apes... but leave us artists alone. It's not just art theft, it's more, it's disgraceful. The art we spend hours, days, weeks on is not yours (pretend you're a crypto bro for this) to take for yourself and sell on for a quick buck. Art is a luxury to have, however when pieces are stolen it just doesn't seem to hold the same weight to people, compared to if someone's car was stolen, for example. That super sucks, and I'd like that to change. And it's not just fanart that's being stolen and "minted" as NFTs. It's personal art, characters, and even commission
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Rainbow Dash Re-Redesign!

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Thanks for the llama badge! Here you have one back!

aw, thank you!

You're welcome, your art is awesome!

Thank you for give me a llama

Thanks for the llama! :)

Thanks for the llama. Here is one back for the effort you put into your art. 😁

aw thank you so much! that's super sweet!