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Tyrant's Envoy


Standalone headshot for the awesome Grimora of FA! I learned soo much with this piece and was very pleased with its turnout. I hope to keep pushing my learning curve

Full resolution, process images, and recording here-

C L I C K   H E R E  F O R   P A T R E O N


Tools | Adobe Photoshop CC
Wacom Intuos 5 Pro Small Tablet
Layers | 48
size | 3800px-1672px
Time |2 hours


A R S T A T I O N  |  T W I T T E R  |  I N S T A G R A M  |  P R I N T  S H O P
  Art is  © to me noctem-tenebris| All Rights are reserved| ©2020 noctem-tenebris|Character is © Grimora on FA
Redistribution, uploading, commercial use, claiming as one's own of this work is strictly prohibited. Erasing of my information, removal of signatures,
logos, rendering, manipulation, and or making prints is a violation of my copyright and theft of my work. Offenders will be reported, and action will be taken.
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A void dragon is a Dragon whose primordial power stems from the force of Darkness. Not evil, but the force itself.

noctem-tenebris's avatar

I mean it is possible, I made him in a part of my halloween styled adopts from last year. So maybe it is something the buyer considered for him?

Elemental4Pureheart's avatar

It could be possible. I am basing the concept of Void off of World of Warcraft cosmology, which depicts the Void as a very elegant purple force. It looks like Void flows strongly in his scales and eye color. Either way, it is rather elegant and mighty. ^_^

noctem-tenebris's avatar

Oh I did not know that, I have never played WoW but that's a cool detail indeed :D I really had a lot of fun designing him. Makes me want to do more :D

Elemental4Pureheart's avatar
I love this picture. The colors remind me of a Void Dragon for some reason
noctem-tenebris's avatar

Oh? what's a void dragon? I had a bit of fun with this big boi's design tbh and learning how to paint more types of light that I struggle with

snicholes0000's avatar

Excellent dragon!

noctem-tenebris's avatar

Thankies :D I was pretty proud of this adopt :D

Fire-Link's avatar

Amazing work. The glowing purple really adds to it. How's things going?

noctem-tenebris's avatar

A bit rough this year but I hope to make the best of it :D

Fire-Link's avatar

Hope it ends happy.

Bandarai's avatar

The soft purple glow to the eye and nostrils is :heart:

Love the gorgeous colour choices throughout this too. Stunning blue-purple-pink colourscheme c:

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