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Pearly Whites


Brought to you by all the best toothpaste Jeff Noms Brush brush brush XD
Because I can't title for anything good when I am nearly 46 hours without
decent sleep from a lot of pain and insomnia. So here you all :D have a Dergen
XD I wanted to see what I've learned in 4 years, this is a repaint of this old relic. :D
Portrait Bust:Tester by noctem-tenebris

Hope you all like, I may revert back to this method of drawing, it was soo relaxing
despite the current health problems and other stresses. Plus I think he came out
rather lovely, don't you think? well perhaps I should be in bed where I belong...but art............
I hope to upload more often....but don't hold me to it yet. OTL
recorded time was about nearly 4 hours, so I am working on my speed again. XD
  • Tools-
    Adobe Photoshop CC
    Wacom Intuos 5 Pro Small Tablet
  • layers4
  • size-2234px-2400px
  • Time Taken- 5 hours
  • Photos/Textures used,

writing a comment by lalami02 I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo:iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3: .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot

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Leanndra51's avatar
This has to be one of the most impressive dragons I have ever seen.  The detail is truly amazing. Out of curiosity how long did it take you to complete this entire image?  All total hours?  I can only say you have truly a strong sense of commitment to  your art.  This is incredible!
noctem-tenebris's avatar

This piece took me around 4 hours to complete start to finish. :D But I am honored that you like him :D It was a fun revamp of an old outdated
piece. :D
Leanndra51's avatar
Only 4 hours?  I can't imagine!  I don't draw at all.  I have always wanted to be a sketch artist, graphite.  But apparently not enough to teach myself.
Guess that says it all, doesn't it?  I have started out a couple of times but I don't have the patience to keep making bad stuff, so I stop.  :faint:
It is my pleasure!
Very Beautiful Work by funkypunk2
noctem-tenebris's avatar

Well art is like any other skill, it requires patience, perseverance, study, practice, rinse and repeat. It's taken me nearly a decade to get where I am currently from where I was when I was 17. But I keep trying to study and get better at my craft. :D
Leanndra51's avatar
I understand.  I have been making fractals for 15 years now and my skill (and also the programs) have changed quite a lot as technology has advanced.  I know a big part of art is perception and with drawing I am sure learning to really "see" what is there, rather than what our minds interpret is a big thing as well.  I am guessing that is a big part of the practice.  Our minds add things that a camera doesn't.  I have a sketch pad, several actually.  Strathmore, and some graphite pencils about 6 or 8 with all the standard hardness grades.  I just need to DO IT!
Thanks again.
Arvrericjas's avatar
I can really appreciate the range in tone you utilized! Without the distraction of colour it usually gives the rendered image a really strong impression :)
And, ach you know, there'd be fiddly bits about the forms that one might be able to bring up, but what's important is that the pieces in the image speak and fall into place!
I especially dig the translucency near the teeth :D
noctem-tenebris's avatar

Oh man, such a beautiful comment,  truly I have been wanting to respond to this for whilst
but have been a bit down of late namely due to my outside job. I apologize for such,
But this really made my day when I read it. Truly it did! hug

I had been wanting to redo that old piece for some time and I was pleased with the final result.
So I'm glad you liked it too. There could be things to nitpick at, but I am still pleased nonetheless.
And yesh dergens must have teef!
noctem-tenebris's avatar
Thankies. :D Glad you like it. :D
DisarrianStories's avatar
This is so gorgeous.  
noctem-tenebris's avatar
hoi im fab Aww thank you soo much :D I am honored you like it :D
DisarrianStories's avatar
Like it? I love it! Its very detailed and makes me want dragons to have been real even more. (Minus all of the devastation  and..... burning.... it would cause... )
Keep up the great work!
noctem-tenebris's avatar
Well who knows, maybe not all were monsters XD some legends revered them as beings of wisdom and knowledge. :D But it would be neat if they existed :D and thanks soo much, I am so happy you love it. It was a lot of fun to see how far I've come in 4 years. :D
DisarrianStories's avatar
You are very welcome.
Kivutar's avatar
The details are amazing. *_*
Groudan383's avatar
Wow Goober, this is just......WOW O _ o 
Pilly-Pat's avatar
Wow, this is amazing!  I love the contrast and movement you conveyed.  Excellent work!  Hinata and Otonashi (Best Bud High Five) [V2] 
noctem-tenebris's avatar
Why thank you soo much :D that means a lot to me :D I really wanted to push the limitations of what I knew in this repaint. :D
Pilly-Pat's avatar
You're welcome!  And it certainly worked out great!  Hug 
noctem-tenebris's avatar
yessh X3 I am super happy with it. Not a bad lil doodle at all XDBirb intensifies Llama Emoji-60 (Snug or Hug) [V3] Yato and Hiyori (Snuggy) [V1] 
Lunoxius's avatar
This is incredible! There's so much detail on it!
noctem-tenebris's avatar
Thank you soo much :D It was a great experiment. I really wanted to see how much I've improved in four years. :D
Sara-A2's avatar
Now that is a HUGE improvement hon!! This looks epic :dummy:
noctem-tenebris's avatar
hug Hug Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1]  Why thank you soo much, I am soo happy you like him. :D I had a lot of fun with this, it was a great experiment. :D
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