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June 5, 2019
Embodiment of Power by noctem-tenebris
Featured by RezaBisuto
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Embodiment of Power


This epic commission for the equally epic :iconlamaohi: Of their three headed dragon Deity named Taegan.
I had the honor of getting to play around with his design and the manner of depiction within of cavern of
sorts. Whilst being inspired by several metal albums and the general nature of volcanoes I felt....oh Lava,
Power, dragon sounds amazing, right? XD  I digress, I had entirely way too much fun with this piece, and
whilst I spent a bit of time off in, I learned a lot from it. Thank you so much fun for your business and you
keep being awesome! You're a wonderful friend! :D


A DD!!! OMG Thank you all so very much! :D Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] Excited Blush Purple Guy Blush Icon Big Fool Emoji-06 (Blush) [V2] Blush 

  • Tools |
    Adobe Photoshop CC
    Wacom Intuos 5 Pro Small Tablet
  • layers |124
  • size |4000px-2777
  • Time Taken | 32 hours
  • Photos/Textures used |


A R S T A T I O N  |  T W I T T E R  |  I N S T A G R A M  |  P R I N T  S H O P
  art is  © to me noctem-tenebris| All Rights are reserved| ©2019 noctem-tenebris|Character is © to :iconlamaohi:
Redistribution, uploading, commercial use, claiming as one's own of this work is strictly prohibited. Erasing of my information, removal of signatures, logos, rendering, editing, manipulation, and or making prints is a violation of my copyright and theft of my work. Offenders will be reported and action will be taken.
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Rufinator's avatar
Oh my gosh I haven't been on DA in so long and checking your art, this piece is honestly fantastic! You've captured the mood so well and the lighting is excellent!

Keep up the amazing work! :heart:
noctem-tenebris's avatar

Awwwww XD I'm so glad you got to check on me :D and I'm sooooooo pleased that
you like this piece! It was a huge deal to me and I'm very proud of it :D
DisarrianStories's avatar
This looks awesome!
noctem-tenebris's avatar
thankies soo very much I am pleased that you like it :D
DisarrianStories's avatar
lonewolf100's avatar
noctem-tenebris's avatar
thankies soo much :D It means a lot to me :D
Leanndra51's avatar
I am finally getting around to seeing this up close and personal!  Congratulations once again!  This is amazing in the full view too!
Congrats On Your DD by JassysART
noctem-tenebris's avatar

Oh thankies soo much! I am soo pleased that you are able to see him in all his glory! I had soo much fun with this piece
tbh so I am glad that you like the result of my efforts :D
Leanndra51's avatar
Magnificent by Ilenush It is my pleasure! 
youmeandlokid's avatar
He's powerful alright !
noctem-tenebris's avatar
Oh vereh XD A vereh big derg with a bad attitude XD
noctem-tenebris's avatar

Thankies soo much :D I am soo pleased that you like him :D
noctem-tenebris's avatar

Thankies soo much! I am quite proud of him myself :D
Burke23's avatar
noctem-tenebris's avatar

Thankies soo much!
Burke23's avatar
You are most welcome
noctem-tenebris's avatar
thankies soo much :D I am pleased that you like him :D It means a lot to me ;D
MetalLuke's avatar
Looks really rad, man.
noctem-tenebris's avatar
why thank you! I am really proud of this piece myself still :D it means a lot to me :D
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