New Perils of Rosella, Fourth and Final Chapter

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At last, my most recent project can be unveiled!

I've been working closely with :iconperilsofdawn: for a while, and we've collaboratively completed the New Perils of Rosella!

New Perils of Rosella was started by :iconperilsofdawn: about a decade ago as an adjunct to the fan forums of a now-defunct project to make a fan-made remake of King's Quest IV. It's essentially a direct sequel to King's Quest IV, with Princess Rosella being drawn back to the land of Tamir to face more deadly perils at the hands of the fairy queen Lolotte. But, where the original KQIV was a graphic adventure game, New Perils of Rosella is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style interactive story, with occasional illustrations. Unfortunately, as often happens with huge, ambitious projects, it stalled out before it was finished. 

This story means a lot to me, personally. Reading this story is what inspired me to make my own interactive story, Amy's Haunted House Adventure, which is what got me started writing. I wouldn't be writing today if it weren't for New Perils of Rosella, so it's a profound honor to be allowed to complete this story. 

I've been friends with :iconperilsofdawn: for years, and a frequent conversation topic that we would come back to was New Perils. How they planned to finish it, what kind of devious ends Rosella might face, that sort of thing. A couple of years back I put together a detailed outline for how a fourth and final chapter might go. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I had the urge to write, I had this outline in front of me, so I asked permission, received it, and put this together. I've been sending drafts to :iconperilsofdawn: and making edits, and I think we've reached a version that both of us are happy with. We even both contributed some illustrations (mine much inferior).

I've converted everything into a convenient twine file, including the original three chapters. If you haven't read New Perils of Rosella before, I highly, highly recommend starting from the beginning and experiencing it for yourself. If you're already familiar with it, there's a table of contents at the beginning that lets you skip to Chapter Four (Or to any of the prior chapters). 

(Also, it wouldn't hurt to have played King's Quest IV, available as part of a collection of King's Quests IV, V, and VI at Good Old Games, but I don't think it's strictly necessary; most of what you need to know can be gleaned from the story)

So, content warning: This story contains death, dismemberment, and elements of the macabre, but always with a humorous twist, much like the tone of Amy's Haunted House Adventure. My contributions are a bit more cartoony and humorous than the original work, which is my fault, but Chapter Four should gel relatively seamlessly with the prior chapters. There is occasional material of a sexual nature, but never any on-screen sex; everything is kept strictly PG-13.

Huge thanks to :iconperilsofdawn:, for writing the original three chapters, for giving me permission to play in their sandbox, for helping with comments and guidance throughout the writing process, and for contributing illustrations. Also thanks to :iconpsylisiadragoon:, and :iconannie13:, who contributed art to the original three chapters and generously gave permission to include their art in the new package.

And now, without further ado, the final version of the New Perils of Rosella!

(Please ignore the security warning your browser may give you; DA has started automatically changing external links to https, and I'm still working on getting an SSL certificate for my site. I promise, promise, promise I'm not trying to steal the credit card information that my site never asks for!)
The long awaited (by me) Fourth Chapter of New Perils of Dawn! Read all of the above for information, or just go here if you're too excited to wait! AAHHHHHHH!…

Hey, edited to add: Not to micromanage how you support my work, but if you read this and think "Hey, this has themes that would be of interested to a group I have submitting privileges to!" please submit to said groups! I've submitted to the groups I know of which have public submissions, but there are groups I don't know about and a BUNCH of groups that don't accept submissions from the general public!

Particularly interested in getting into groups that are themed about: ASFR/Statuefication, Transformation themes, panties/pantyhose, Bimbo transformation, stuck/sticky, ENF/stripping, and general peril/bad ending/demise.

(And, if YOU'RE interested in those themes, this should let you know that you'll find all of the above in this story! ;-) )
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Just wondering is she wearing pantyhose in this cause I love CYOA’s with them and yours and some others are the only ones I can find