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Velvet Glove Goes Flying :iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 40 32
New Perils of Rosella, Fourth and Final Chapter
At last, my most recent project can be unveiled!
I've been working closely with :iconPerilsOfDawn: for a while, and we've collaboratively completed the New Perils of Rosella!
New Perils of Rosella was started by :iconPerilsOfDawn: about a decade ago as an adjunct to the fan forums of a now-defunct project to make a fan-made remake of King's Quest IV. It's essentially a direct sequel to King's Quest IV, with Princess Rosella being drawn back to the land of Tamir to face more deadly perils at the hands of the fairy queen Lolotte. But, where the original KQIV was a graphic adventure game, New Perils of Rosella is a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style interactive story, with occasional illustrations. Unfortunately, as often happens with huge, ambitious projects, it stalled out before it was finished. 
This story means a lot to me, personally. Reading this story is what inspired me to make my own interactive story, Amy's Haunted House Adventure, which is what got me started writing. I woul
:iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 19 25
Velvet Glove in: Carnival of Humiliation
Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen! Step right this way! We're about to have a free show, and it's starting right now! Gather 'round and watch, because you're about to see things you've never seen before, and it won't cost you one thin dime!
This is it folks! This is the show you've read about, this is the show you've heard your neighbors talking about, this is the show you've seen advertised right on this here page, and finally it's arrived! The glorious debut performance of the pulchritudinous Velvet Glove, back when she was a wide-eyed ingenue. That's right, Velvet's first ever adventure as a provisional member of the Justice Squad. You heard me right, the Justice Squad! Before she joined the Femme Defenders our lass Velvet was a regular Squadie, and the only place to see the full story, exactly as it happened, is right here and right now!
And just in case you've forgotten what she looks like, let's bring Velvet out right now so you'll know exactly what you're getting:
Isn't she
:iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 95 102
Introducing Veronica LeGrange as The Velvet Glove by NoComeupance Introducing Veronica LeGrange as The Velvet Glove :iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 49 55 A Little Behind by NoComeupance A Little Behind :iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 28 20
Mature content
Amy's Haunted House Adventure Chapter 3 Sampler :iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 23 39
...The Fall by NoComeupance
Mature content
...The Fall :iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 91 22
Before... by NoComeupance Before... :iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 32 6 Goeth... by NoComeupance Goeth... :iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 19 3 Pride... by NoComeupance Pride... :iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 32 7
Mature content
Femme Defenders in: Defenders of Deco City, Part 2 :iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 13 24
Femme Defenders in: Defenders of Deco City, Part 1
Femme Defenders in: Defenders of Deco City!
Part 1: The Call Goes Out!
by NoComeupance
Jacky’s head was pounding. This was not an altogether unusual occurrence in the morning, given her choice of sleep aid. She looked with bleary eyes at the alarm clock, visible through the highball glass on her nightstand that still played host to a few ounces of brown-tinted water.
“Nine AM,” she grumbled to-- she looked behind her to the empty half of her unmade bed-- noone, “I’m even pretty ok at waking up on time when I’m hungover.”
She rolled over onto her back.
A sharp pain in her rear caused her to arch her back and feel around in search of the offending object. Her hand pulled out a prickly metal wheel. She squinted as she moved it a few inches from her face for an examination. Her expression relaxed when she recognized it: A silver spur, another relic of the previous evening’s activities, though one she regretted significantl
:iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 7 22
Mature content
The Femme Defenders in Six Little Heroines, Part 7 :iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 14 28
Mature content
The Femme Defenders in Six Little Heroines, Part 6 :iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 13 2
Mature content
The Femme Defenders in Six Little Heroines, Part 5 :iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 9 3
Mature content
The Femme Defenders in Six Little Heroines, Part 4 :iconnocomeupance:NoComeupance 11 2

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I don't even want to get into a discussion of the politics of reporting and suspension and whatnot on DA, but something important you should know:

If DA removes a deviation for TOS violations, not matter how unfair you think it is, DON'T REPOST IT and DON'T POST IT SOMEWHERE ELSE AND DIRECTLY LINK IT ON YOUR DA. 

It's never happened to me, but from what I can tell observing others, reposting things and linking to TOSed deviations you've posted elsewhere is the fastest way to get your account suspended.

It SUCKS to have your deviation pulled, but there are ways to react that are productive and ways that just screw you over. 

Turning off comments on this because, again, I don't want to get into a whole discussion, it's just something I've been seeing a bunch and I want people to stop getting suspended.


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