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Clouds Uhh

How to make simple clouds in Inkscape. Comment or Don't!
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Thanks you so much. this helped me make clouds
SUPER  and simple
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how do i duplicate an item in inkscape?
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I can't figure out how to make the sixth step work. Even after I press "Difference", the black circle is still there and nothing has changed.
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very good tutorial.Thank you.
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If you make a semi transparent white oval on the upper left on the cloud, it will make a reflection, which also makes it cool.

Hey, I made a cloud, a sun, and a rain drop using your method. Can I post them on deviantART? I will give all the credit to you.
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You don't need permission to post your own art work, even if you followed a tutorial.
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Here is the link to the art I made with the tutorial: [link]
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oh, okay. I just thought I needed to because my drawing has almost the same colors and styles as yours. Thank you
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Thanks a lot!
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Good tutorial.
I just tried it, and it works nice.

Short and clear.

Good job.
very nice. can you make a tutorial for photoshop version? or if you can make one with the word "Cloud" in the cloud in .psd format, that would be great!

Inkscape win32 version has some bugs that prevented me to make a cloud like this using your tutorial.
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You can create the outline on illustrator through window>;pathfinder>merge :)
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google brought me here, thats a sign!!!
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now i know how to make gradients.
its easy when you select the gradient tool and want to drag a gradient, click on the first little squre to select the first color, then the second tick to select the second color.
Inkscape RuleZ!
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Great Tutorial, but i am a noob in inkscape yet:D
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I have a few problems, I don't get how to make a circle with a border or a gradient.
What should I do?
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Im having this problem too :(
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This is a great tutorial. Thanks!:D
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instant fav :p i just started with inkscape and i think this is gonna be great help :D thanks!
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Thanks for the tutorial! :) It's simple and yet powerful!
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