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1) READ ALL THE RULES. We mean it, it will help you greatly.
2) Be kind and courteous; we want to create a positive community, not a hurtful group. So simply be polite or you will suffer consequences.
3) Make sure to submit deviations in the correct folders.
4) Multiple cosplays of the same character are welcome. The more to help take over the world with!
5) Yaoi/Yuri. It is acceptable as long as it isn’t too explicitly graphic. (Although we don’t encourage and/or hinder this category).
6) Please have a good time.
7) If you have any questions, feel free to ask Coyotess or celebistar or any other admins. We will be more than happy to answer :>
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Tumblr Roleplay Blogs / Nobunagun Manga Online

So, I thought about how to use this space, and figured why not use it to show the role playing blogs on Tumblr for Nobunagun, and maybe if your interested you can follow them and eventually RP with them :)

Sio Ogura (Nobunagun) -

Adam Muirhead (Jack the Ripper/Florence Nightingale)

Lemond "Princess" (Geronimo)-

Jess Beckham (Newton)/Mahesh Mirza (Gandhi) -

Official Comic Earth Star site (where you can read the last 3 chapters for free):…

It's been almost a year since I posted...but alas, it has been pretty quiet on the news front for Nobunagun .___.

BUT today I am posting because over the last few years, since I've started writing and drawing Nobunagun works, I have gotten quite a few inquiries as to how and where I've read the Nobunagun manga / "how do I know what happens after the anime?"

And sadly, the long short of it is: I was lucky enough to go to Japan and buy them myself while I was there. The series is not available outside of Japan, and even scanlations are way behind (they only cover like the first 7 chapters as far as I know) and in any case, the anime already covers volumes 1-4 quite faithfully.

HOWEVER, I have painstakingly put together a little master post on my blog for those who are curious, and I realized I haven't posted about it on DA (yet). So let's fix that.

Original Tumblr post here, although it's an exact replica of this post. But in case you find DA's layout too hard to read...

How can I buy it?

  • Go to Japan. Or get someone who’s going/is there to buy it for you. I hate to say it, but this is probably one of the most surefire ways, but also kind of unrealistic for many
  • Look on eBay or Amazon Japan. eBay carries just about anything, and if you are familiar enough with ordering from Japanese Amazon (google translate will help greatly), they do ship overseas, albeit for a hefty shipping fee. I’d recommend this route for those who aren’t planning to visit Japan anytime soon.
  • Use a shopping service (FromJapan, Rakuten, etc.) Be warned this can be trickier than eBay or Amazon if you’ve never done this before; as setting up the account and understanding how they charge fees, etc can be tricky. However, they have a larger selection of vendors, including second-hand so the product price itself can be quite cheap. Also, unlike Amazon Japan, these sites cater to overseas people so they are in English. Personally, this is my preferred method outside of just going to Japan, but I will say the shipping costs and the service fees can add up; so unless you are planning to frequently be getting goods from Japan, you’re better off with eBay.
  • Have a specialty Japanese bookstore order it for you. Kinokuniya comes to mind, but the physical stores only exist in major cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc). However, they do now offer an online store where you can buy Japanese books and have them mailed directly to you. I’d actually recommend this alongside eBay, as having an established company order for you is usually safer and more reliable than a random person on eBay.

I just want to know what happens!

Well then you’re (sort of) in luck, as I have painstakingly done my best to summarize and compile posts of what happens in the two remaining volumes. PLEASE keep in mind that I am in no way an official translator nor do I really know Japanese that well; so take these translations with a grain of salt. Furthermore, it should go without saying that a) I will not scanlate/translate every single page because I do not want to disrespect sensei’s hard work and b) it’s exceedingly time consuming and c) if I EVER see these reposted ANYWHERE ELSE I will IMMEDIATELY ask you to take them down and furthermore I WILL delete all my posts here.

Volume 5: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Volume 6: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M

No, I did not translate/scan/post every single page of these volumes; you’ll still have to get the physical book if you want to find out everything

Earth Star started becoming serialized digitally after the release of volume 5, so some posts may still have active links to the official online release (I’m not sure which ones are still active though, so you’ll have to check yourself)

Anyway. I hope this masterlist will help some of you who are wondering what happens and are interested in buying it (I highly recommend it! It’s super nice to own and look at the actual physical set!). If you have any more questions about how to order from a Japanese store, like a shopping service, please feel free to message me and I’m more than happy to try and help.

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Happy Halloween 2014 by celebistar Happy Halloween 2014 :iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 3
careless breath (VII)
A/N: Strong language, semi-graphic violence.
"So, you wanna tell me what the hell that was all about?"
It took every ounce of self-restraint and several reminders that the Indian was only concerned for the both of them to prevent the silver-haired man from planting a fist directly into the other’s face. As superficial as they could act at times, when it really came down to it, he knew Mirza and Beckham were just as concerned about Sio as he was.
Well, at least, that was before he’d come up with the completely stupid idea of actually being worried for her, what with the way she’d been distracted all morning, then taking off the moment she heard that Vido—
'Don't. Just…don't even think about it…' It wasn’t that he didn’t trust her…hell, he would probably put himself first in terms of even the slightest chance of deviating from their relationship…and yet…
…Vidocq’s stunned expressi
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 1
careless breath (III)
A/N: Story will switch to past-tense from now until the last chapter.
"Aww, come on, really? You’d think after all these articles, they’d finally get my name right—for the last time, it’s Antoni, not Antonio…damn it.” A sigh escaped his lips as the youngest e-gene holder (so far, anyway), the reincarnation of famed Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí stalked down the lengthy hallway aboard the Clayton Forrester, latest newspaper in hand; maybe the only good thing about a hard battle was the Commander having granted them a brief respite for half a day to rest before being sent back up to the Alex Logan.
Not that Gaudí really cared either way—he was fine with being anywhere, as long as he could have his own space and spare time to work on his hobby—no, it was not, as Cyx had joked, trading those swimsuit photos of Sio Ogura—but rather, much like his inherited soul, the boy enjoyed building things. P
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 1
careless breath (II)
"Jack. You should give it a rest…I don’t think pacing around the room, alternating your step by every other foot for every two rotations, is going to make this meeting go by any faster." The movement stops, but he doesn’t bother to look up. No, in fact, he does not bother with any sort of response at all.
Not that the Indian is expecting anything in return. He has been here long enough, known the Englishman long enough to be aware of when he is just about to reach that breaking limit, and when he is pushing too far, whereupon the silver-haired holder will either leave in a soundless rage, or, more rarely, turn upon him with a single fist to the gut.
"That’s enough, Gandhi…" For once Newton plays the role of peacekeeper, even thought that is usually reserved for the other—the Barrier Guy. Peacekeeper. Playboy. A mismatched mess of terms, all describing the same person, as unlikely as it seems. She tries to maintain her composure, to keep that already-
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 1
careless breath (VI)
A/N: Quite a bit of swearing, and just high-tension/suspense.
'What were the odds…that he would be here, of all times, right after that?' A part of her sarcastically wondered if he was here to give her the bad news in person, but that was just too unbelievable. Although not a complete ass in her opinion, she still hadn’t forgotten that he lived by the creed of ‘the needs of the many over the needs of the few’. Surely, this must have had some influence on their decision…
"H-hey, wait up! Vidocq, wait!" The young man turned, startled that anyone would call him out like this, much less the newest holder, and the one who had managed to upstage him during Stone Forest, to boot. His eyes narrowed into slits at her approach, but she was too wired to back down now.
Not with everything at stake…
"…Miss Nobunagun. How may I help you?" A slight nod of his head, and the escorts were dismissed, leaving just the two of them in the empty corr
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 1
careless breath (V)
“‘Ey? Somethin’ wrong with your biscuit, squirt?” A quiet tea time, unlike the usual chatter that precluded the now-daily (whenever possible) ritual aboard the Alex Logan. Though, it could also partly be due to the fact that the other pair—Gandhi and Newton—were off in a last-minute sparring match, the old trainer having decided that the First Platoon by itself to not be enough. Today, it was just her and Adam; though, ever since Gaudí had practically dropped a bomb in her quarters yesterday, it had been hard for her to focus on anything else—on anyone else. Even the biscuits, which she normally had to fight Jess for, were difficult to swallow.
"…E-eh? I-I’m sorry…what did you say?" He gave her a look that was beyond just mere irritation, but narrowed emeralds that were layered with concern.
Tap. Tap. His fingers stopped their endless drumming and he leaned forward, so close that she wanted to shrink back in
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 2
careless breath (IV)
Something to talk about? In private? For second, Sio thought that perhaps he was sorry about partaking in that rather salacious activity of trading around her clones’ swimsuit photos…but another glance at his unusually glum face, and she decided that she was simply being too hard on the poor boy. Giving him a reassuring smile, she moved to the side and ushered him into the compact but functional confines of her cabin.
"Ah, Gaudí-kun…would you like something to drink? I only really have water or tea, but…?" She offered the boy a can of green tea, the kind that she was used to seeing in the many vending machines that populated her home country. He accepted, although clearly, something was troubling his conscious, for he didn’t open it, but instead set it aside. Silently, she wondered if she’d done something wrong…he was avoiding looking at her intently, and swinging his legs restlessly.
"…Gaudi, I—"
"—Miss Sio—" They
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 1
Anti Ultimate weapon - v.2 by celebistar Anti Ultimate weapon - v.2 :iconcelebistar:celebistar 0 5 Natsuki: Ava by xTakuya Natsuki: Ava :iconxtakuya:xTakuya 0 0
careless breath (IX)
'You've messed up—'
'You're worthless—'
Heaving, she threw the covers off with a vengeance, sleep once again eluding her, despite the exhaustion from the previous day. Gasping to catch her breath, eyes strayed over to the dull glow of her standard-issue clock—17:06—blaring back at her.
She’d missed lunch, only slinking out to get something portable before shutting away again, almost like those hikkikomori the media loved to report about on the news. Nobody came looking for her—perhaps Jess tried at one point, but the door remained steadfastly locked. Whispers were abound though, and if she was hearing things right, apparently Adam and Mahesh had some sort of disagreement.
One that apparently was serious enough for Hunter to nearly file a report about it, but in the end, ultimately decided not to.
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Your time’s almost up.
Dinner would be in an hour…bu
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 1
careless breath (I)
A/N: This was originally posted to my Tumblr,, however I'm reposting here as well just for completeness across all my accounts and because I know some people like reading here.
The light is harsh, almost too brightly artificial, even though she knows it is meant to give the crew a feeling of nature. But what could be natural about the undersea surface, the constant wavering of blueish-white glows, hovering with each and every wave? The climate control…constant circulation of recycled air, and although it is maintained at a habitable 70 degrees Fahrenheit, she still feels a chill as the Commander stares down from her post.
"Miss Nobunagun. Have you come to a decision yet?" The steel of her voice, the unwavering glint in her eye; almost two millennia old, and yet, nobody dares to question her judgement. Behind her St. Germain stands, always in her shadow, never overstepping his boundaries yet he sees and knows all. Beyond that it is just the a
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 1 3
Shio Ogura by Blue-St Shio Ogura :iconblue-st:Blue-St 2 0
careless breath (XI)
The sky wasn’t even pink yet before she suddenly awoke, for a second startled at the warmth that was surrounding her, before all the memories rushed back—
—the heat, his fingers, the way their bodies seemed to so effortlessly fit…she could only cry out in pleasure because it was all she could feel…
For some reason the harder she tried to recall those memories, the blurrier they became. One sensation ran into another, until it was nothing more than a jumble of endless pleasure, where she wasn’t even sure how long they’d gone on for or what time they’d slept. Still, one thing was for certain.
Her time was up.
Even before she checked her comm, she knew what was waiting for her—a sudden notice, asking her to meet with the heads of command in private as soon as she was available. Well. They certainly weren’t being very subtle about it. Perhaps they too, tired of this hide-and-seek game. Slowly, she shifted from his grasp, ca
:iconcelebistar:celebistar 2 4
a startlingly selfish breath by celebistar a startlingly selfish breath :iconcelebistar:celebistar 3 0 the infinite sky by celebistar the infinite sky :iconcelebistar:celebistar 3 4 Future: Jack by celebistar Future: Jack :iconcelebistar:celebistar 4 0


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