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The Guardia Civil drafted a study on 27 June 2006 which made mention of clear on the materials seized in the apartments. On 30 June 2006, Jan Ullrich was suspended by his professional cycling team, T-Mobile, in addition to was withdrawn from the 2006 TdF. On 21 July 2006, T-Mobile dismissed Jan Ullrich. Later in 2006, the Union Cycliste International requested that Swiss Bicycling open disciplinary proceedings against Jan Ullrich. As a result of new regulations adopted by Swiss Olympic, the situation was transferred to the Disciplinary Chamber of Swiss Olympic, which chosen 20 May 2009 that could not rule about this matter.

On 22 March 2010, the UCI filed an argument of appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport requesting the CAS to annul your decision with the Disciplinary Chamber of Swiss Olympic and also to sanction Jan Ullrich having a lifetime suspension together with retroactive disqualification of results achieved from 29 May 2002. A different appeal was filed by Swiss Anti-doping which was rejected by the Court for Arbitration in Sport on 30 November 2011 due to lack of jurisdiction. A CAS Panel made up of Mr Romano Subiotto QC, Uk (President), Prof. Ulrich Haas, Germany, as well as Mr Hans Nater, Switzerland, was appointed to hear this matter. Jan Ullrich raised an objection regarding CAS jurisdiction, that has been dismissed through the Court for Arbitration in Sport Panel in the partial award of two March 2011. The CAS Panel heard the parties on the merits from the case on 22 August 2011 on the Court for Arbitration in Sport Headquarters in Lausanne.

Jan Ullrich raised several objections relating to the procedure and to the applicable law. The CAS Panel dismissed them all and determined the Union Cycliste International Rules were applicable to this case.

Furthermore, the CAS Panel ruled which it was possible, underneath the Union Cycliste International Rules, to initiate disciplinary proceedings against Jan Ullrich whether or not the athlete wasn't any longer a Union Cycliste International licence-holder.
The CAS Panel also rejected a request by Jan Ullrich to refer the situation returning to Swiss Olympic for a new decision, in the event the Panel would uphold the benefit of the Union Cycliste International.

A legal court for Arbitration in Sport (Court for Arbitration in Sport) has ruled in favour of an appeal lodged by the International Bicycling Union (UCI) from the acquittal of Jan Ullrich for his involvement inside the blood-doping ring uncovered by Operación Puerto in 2006. Regardless of the German - who rode within Swiss licence - reportedly being linked by DNA data to blood bags perfectly located at the fridge of Madrid gynaecologist Eufemiano Fuentes, your decision was eventually produced by Swiss Olympic to not sanction the 1997 tour de france victor.

Appeals to CAS were launched in August this past year by the Union Cycliste International as well as Swiss-Antidoping; the Swiss case was dismissed in November on the jurisdictional technicality, nevertheless the UCI appeal has prevailed.

Court for Arbitration in Sport has ruled that Ullrich be given a two-year penalty, starting on August 22nd last year - the afternoon how the appeals were lodged - and that he loses all his results since May 1st 2005. Find out bike news at Spinergy
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February 26, 2012