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Glossy Button Tutorial

Hello everyone!

As my website is in development process, I have decided to start publishing some of the tutorials I did to the public.

I guess I did a mistake of mixing up bits of beginner and advanced explanations, but please don't judge too hard, it's one of my first tutorials.

I hope this will be useful to all web-designers out there, these are tricks of the trade I use day to day for my client works...

Cheers! And please comment!

to be continued...
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For the 5th step, go to the menu Layer > New Fill Layer > Gradient
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Amazing, this is a great article! I did enjoyed reading it, keep your post :)
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The fifth part doesn't work, I just get a straight line instead of a smooth gradient. I'm using PS CC.
Nice.. find out more at is a Graphic and Web Designing Blog
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thanks it's useful
it is awesome i <3 it
i want to see tute
hi im pretty much stuck at step 5. it says use the Path Selecton Tool and copy the button base to the clipboard not sure how to do it, and the the gradient fill layer too. don't quite get the move, down, left, direct selectional tool....
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having a problem with step 3, you say set the gradient to overlay but nothing happens on mine. I can't see the overlay effect, it just looks the same.What am I missing here?
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I just had that same issue and it seems that the problem affecting it is the radius number used for the rectangle. Like the person mentioned above I used 4 px and nothing happened but as soon as I changed it to 10 px step 3 started working for me. Also it seems that the size of the canvas (or file size?) affects it. You might have to shrink in size for the step to have an effect.

As I'm typing this I haven't finished the button but I just wanted to answer this because just like you I had this same issue. Hope I helped somehow!
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yaq this is use ful to me
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which version of photoshop should I use for this?..
Can someone please help me out? I'm having trouble with a part of Step 5, where it says to create a "white to transparent white gradient, with solid white on top." Really stuck, not sure what the author of the tut means. Help on how to do this would be much appreciated. :)
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opps - this is your last post since 2007 - ouch !
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nobes - nice work but, what app is this ?? pls advise, thx !!
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is this tutorial available to post at my site?
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Your wonderful resources have been featured in this article.[link]
Thank you for providing to the Resources to the community.:heart:
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