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Pony Nautilus - Draw a Champ into Pony

By NoBrony
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Ponyfied version of Nautilus from League of Legends for LoL forum contest :D

You have to create a ponified version of a champion. Awards are 25$ riot points cards :)

I wanted it to look like a real spotlight of a champion from the game (with thise wide format and all).

PS. Uh... this is sort of crappy after uploading- download for more details :)

Cheers :)
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Nautilus is my mane support :P
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It took me a while to realize the shape but dayummmmm
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I can't be the only one disliking this, can I ?
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Might help if you stated why you don't like it to enable someone to be able to agree with you or not
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That would be the case if I tried to convince people of my oppinion, all I'm asking, is wether someone else shares the oppinion of how retarded that thing looks
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I like the way you added in the cutie mark.

btw, a certain band used this pic, as their thumbnail for a video/song.

their YouTube account  is called "Falconshield"

the video is here: […

just thought i'd let ya know, if you didn't know.
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good drawing, but it reeks of heavy autism, and so does the comments here.
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Amazing, simply amazing.
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This should replace his actual picture in-game!
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Oh man, a 1920:1080 version of this would look amazing on my desktop. This is amazing all on its own since I love nautilus regardless.
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first thing i see after starting to like Nautilus = now super in love with Nautilus
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My I have to search for where my mind was blown off to...
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Wow! I didn't think this would be possible! Nice job :D I jungle with Naut a lot
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OMG this is really awesome :D
great job at doing this :iconepiclaplz:
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I Hate my little pony. with that said i hate myself for loving this pic insta fave!!!:P
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Hmm, have you seen the show? I m just wondering why you hate it.
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I dont hate the series persay! what i hate is that its friking evrywhere, you can't search anything with out geting a poniefied version of it!(yes i found a microwave ponie) though i am going to give the series a shot when i get the time! i hope this answere sufice?
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there are many fans of the show, it's not just ponies you can find everywhere. like for instance, if you go to funnyjunk you can't be there without stumbling upon a spiderman thread, but whenever someone posts a pony everyone hates it. People post stuff relevant to their interests all the time, some fans are more hardcore than others. I use one piece reaction faces more often than ponies but nobody ever reacts to the one piece part.
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Sadly this is the only Ponified anything i've ever approved of, just looks too amazing.
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You did a great jooob! This is very cute x)
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