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Leopard XP Visual Style

This is my new visual style:

Inspired by Leopard from Mac

This VS will be included in the BricoPack LeopardXP
© 2008 - 2021 nobodyuse
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ok, espero que funcione
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How does one install ? Please help me

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Really awesome. Thanks :D
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Doesn't works with 7...its not a question.
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I watched video about this and i can say how to install this ! simple when u download this open it with ''winrar'' and click on thirth one who is the biggest side . And when u do that there it is Leopard XP visual style :] Its Amazing so just trust me . I have this [;
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You should use it with Apple Minmax [link]
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too cool! and mix it with flk8..moreawsome[link]
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cool!!! and i mix it with flyk8. moreawsome
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oh. its too cool! i mix it with flyk8~~~~~~more awsome!!!!!!!!
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love it! but 2 questions, how do i install it and will it even work on my vista Ultimate?
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i love it ^ ^
but how to install it ??
good variation...![link]
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What is the default font?
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Oh, I've your bricopack and it's awesome!
how do i download this it only shows what im using no leopard xp

i... LOVE THIS!!!!! ><
how to download this theme
i can't download this, how to donload it?
How Do you Download it..!!??
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Do I need a third party program to get this to work? And if I do, What is it and how do I make this skin with it?
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I. Love. This. One of the only reasons I am saving up to buy a mac is because of how it looks. Now I can make my desktop have the appearance of a mac. Thanks a ton!
Very nice, great VS
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