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Trusser - Character Design by NobodiesDragonGirl Trusser - Character Design :iconnobodiesdragongirl:NobodiesDragonGirl 1 0
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Eyes of the Lion
     A lion crouched in the reeds of the dry, flat plain. He held the long bow in his hands parallel to the ground, aiming. Then, in a flash, wrung up the bow and fired a long straight shot. The arrow flew with amazing accuracy into the foreside of the male kudu ten meters in front of him. The kudu stumbled in his attempt to escape, but failed when the lion brought him down with a single swipe of his forearm. The male kudu lay on the ground, hanging onto the rope of life, until the lion fired a second arrow into the throat of the deer. At the knowledge of the death of his victim, the lion bent on his knees, and placed his forehead on the mid flank of the kudu. He knelt there for multiple heartbeats. His mouth formed the words “Thank Nosa” repeating them softly over and over, speaking to the grass below himself, and no one else. The sun had passed down in the vast blue lake of sky, and the lion picked up the kudu and set home.
      The sun had
:iconnobodiesdragongirl:NobodiesDragonGirl 0 0
Imignames, they cried
Slowly the creatures crept
Silently whilst we slept
Shadows dancing on the walls
The ghosts filling up the halls
Names between each
Complex as their speech
The letters scrambled
And stories rambled
Of the heroes whom were lost
At only the cost
Of safety for the rest
Priorities of the best
But no one would know
Or come to show
As none came prepared
For the race not spared
As everyone died
Imignames, they cried
:iconnobodiesdragongirl:NobodiesDragonGirl 1 0
Mature content
Now Boys pt 2 :iconnobodiesdragongirl:NobodiesDragonGirl 1 3
Mature content
Now Boys pt 1 :iconnobodiesdragongirl:NobodiesDragonGirl 2 12
Mature content
Trains pt. 1 :iconnobodiesdragongirl:NobodiesDragonGirl 0 0
I can hear voices
“I can hear voices”
They look frightened.
I knew I had crossed the line.
But I had to.
It had been so long since I had talked to someone.
Have a conversation, and have both sides enjoying it.
I couldn’t help it.
And now because of that, I had ruined it all.
This place had been a fresh start; my family and I were always moving.
A new place every few months, no friendships ever worked.
I had worked so hard for this friendship to work.
I watched for all of the signs to tell if they were uncomfortable and wanted to switch topics, but everything was going fine.
I had met them, and they seemed to like being around me.
We hung out after school, and now they had invited me to their house, where we were now. I had earned their trust; we were home alone.
Once, I told a joke, and they laughed.
There had been no laughter in years.
Then there was, just for a second, and I felt happy.
The warmth of it all, so calming to my mind.
But now that warmth was gone, cold a
:iconnobodiesdragongirl:NobodiesDragonGirl 0 0
I am scared
I am scared.
I am scared of others, and I am scared of myself.
I am angry that I want to express myself to the world, but am too afraid to do so.
I can feel it inside of me, the urge to write and draw and share my thoughts and opinions of what I want to be made in the world.
And yet I can’t.
This I know because of all the things people around me tell me, and for some reason I listen to them.
Sure, I do weird things at times.
I eat out of a TARDIS mug.
I talk to myself when I’m home alone even though I despise the sound of my voice.
I make videos and edit them, but too scared to post them to youtube.
I eat alone at lunch even though other people ask me to join them.
I laugh at things I don’t get.
I know the things going on in my friend’s lives, yet I’m too scared to ask them about it.
And even when I do, I will take “fine” for an answer when I ask them how they are.
I know it’s wrong, but I do it anyways.
When I don’t like myself, I
:iconnobodiesdragongirl:NobodiesDragonGirl 2 0
The Shifters

Down in a cell came a cry they knew well
as the cats began to attack
the tiger and panther, without any dancer
got up and began to pack
fed up with their homes, floor scattered with bones
as adventure upon them began
they fled from the city, cries heard were of pity,
escaping as fast as they can
though they ran fast, outrunning their past
it was an impossible feat
they tried as they could, to escape it, they would
as fast as their hearts could beat
refuge was taken where security was mistaken
for a place they could learn what they were
for they were created as the government had stated
but why? they could never be sure
cells were combined, them a new kind
given ability to shift
this was brand new, but by tries it came true
but how would leave them all miffed
but something went wrong, for the lines they were long
symptoms that none could relate
so the two were rejects, their genes too complex
age of six they were sent to t
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Around Deviant Art, I have seen that some people would share one account, and I seem to now be one of those people!
Here, I go by Kimice Hugis, and my friend who will also be here has chosen to go by Oranis Akalu.
At the bottom of each piece, it will say who it was done by, just so everyone can keep it straight. :)
Hopefully this all works out!
happy summer!
-Kimice Hugis and Oranis Akalu


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Kimice Hugis, Oranis Akalu
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