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Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying this lovely fall that is upon us.
I wanted to give you another quick update on everything that has happened.


As far as DeviantArt is concerned, I haven't been very active. I do apologize for that. I plan to buy a membership again, when I am ready to put forth time to make this page pretty again. For now I will be updating slowly and posting pictures when I have them.
That and my 'plans' for having all this time during the remodel of our work sort of got shorted. Long story short, it was too good to be true.
I do miss being on here more, but I've just had my attentions on our cosplays and bringing that back into my life.
I miss all of you! And hope to be fully back soon.


NobleChinchi and I, since I last posted, have been to Anime Overload and San Japan.
Both were a lot of fun and we had a blast attending!
At Anime Overload NobleCiel and I were able to win "Best Stage Performance" with our Sans and Papyrus Cosplays <3

As you can see San Japan brought in the debut to some of our most recent cosplays, Ink!Sans/Error!Sans/Swap!Papyrus/Swap!Sans.
[Undertale Cosplay] Creation and Destruction by NobleChinchi[Cosplay] Underswap Papyrus and Sans ::2016:: by NobleTanu
We hope to continue our trek with some more Undertale AU cosplays as the year continues.

Our next con will officially be Ikkicon 2016/17. There is debate of others, but time will tell.

Social Media

If you haven't heard already, We're Back!
NobleCiel and I are currently trying to bring back our cosplaying pages.
If you'd like to watch us please check out the links below.


:iconnobletanu: More from NobleTanu

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September 27, 2016


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