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Prancers Info Sheet by NobleTanu Prancers Info Sheet by NobleTanu
So I decided to remake Prancers. Their old design wasn't interesting to me and use to many properties of other adopts that I didn't much care for. I am much happier with them now, and would like feedback on how everyone else like them.

Prancers are a closed species! Do not make your own! Thank you.

Current Info:

-Prancers are omnivores. They mostly eat fruits and veggies, but can and will eat meat if the need arises.
-Prancers have a total of 5 eyes. Their 5th eye on their forehead never closes, unless hurt or there is something in it. This is so that even when the Prancer sleeps they can keep an eye out for predators.
-Prancers are very nimble and fast on their feet and can jump to great heights. The retractable claws on their feet help them climb up trees to escape predators.
-Their finger tips are hoof like. If left to grow out they can become claw like. Some Prancers choose this over worn down tips for protection reasons.
-A Prancers body is covered in a velvety fur that is soft to the touch. Their tail fur grows long and quickly and can be cut and styled if desired.
-Prancers are commonly found with two horns on their head. (uncommon- 1 horn, rare- more than 2) Their horns can grow out and even be shed and replaced.


If you have any question please ask so I can grow their info.

Prancers(c) NobleButlerSebastian
HinataFox790 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So Blue it's awesome!!
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